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Secure documents throughout your organization without sacrificing productivity.

Glasswall is working in partnership with Carahsoft to deliver CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) to the Public Sector.

The collaboration helps organizations to stay secure from malicious file-based threats and reduce unnecessary risks in documents. Security teams need no longer choose between complete file security or speed and usability. Glasswall’s CDR technology provides rapid zero-trust file protection that maintains original document usability. There is no dependence on antivirus databases to provide knowledge of a new threat, and security teams no longer deal with disruptions from quarantining files or false positives.

About Glasswall

Glasswall is a cybersecurity company that keeps organizations secure from file-based threats with its leading CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology. Its zero-trust approach to file protection removes file-based threats at lightning speed, allowing users to access files with full confidence. Deployed by the intelligence and defence sectors and loved by businesses, Glasswall is the simple way to protect against sophisticated file-based threats. Learn more at www.glasswall.com