GeoSolutions Solutions for the Public Sector

The architecture and tools supported by GeoSolutions enable efficient processing and dissemination of raster, vector, coverages, and time series of data in private, hybrid and public clouds.  In the last 15 years, more than 200 customers, including the government and private sector, have engaged with GeoSolutions. GeoSolutions customers have been capable of properly disseminating for querying, visualizing and downloading petabytes of data.

  • GeoServer or GeoNode Cluster Support

    Thanks to GeoSolutions unparalleled knowledge and experience, GeoSolutions is able to provide the warranty that the deployment of a GeoServer or GeoNode cluster will not break and if it does, it will be fixed swiftly. This warranty provides the assured service continuity to protect and maximize the investment in a GeoServer or GeoNode Cluster. GeoSolutions Deployment Warranty Subscription plan provides the following:

    • Analytics and Proactive Monitoring: GeoSolutions will provide hourly monitoring of the deployed cluster to make sure it is healthy and performant. In most cases GeoSolutions will be able to intervene proactively to ensure smooth service continuity.
    • Certified Deployment: GeoSolutions will continuously review and certify the deployment to make sure it is properly performing for achieving long term stability and performance.
    • Assured Response Time: GeoSolutions will provide a maximum response time for incidents of up to 24 hours response time (based on the Premium plan).
    • Assured Incident Resolution: For critical incidents, GeoSolutions will provide a fix at no additional cost. Fixes will go back to the open source codebase to protect the investment in the software code, keeping the deployed code synchronized with the main source code.
    • Dedicated Expertise Support: Customers get a dedicated ticket portal and mailing list to ensure that the Customer’s staff and team have support when needed.

  • Enterprise Support Services

    GeoSolutions provides enterprise support services to help organizations build enterprise-class geospatial solutions, integrating and tuning best-of-breed Open Source geospatial frameworks with proven robustness and reliability. Enterprise service hours can be used for:

    • Mentoring and consulting
    • Performance improvement
    • Priority bug fixing
    • New features development

    Common tasks include:

    • Analysis of current architecture and recommendations for improving performance
    • Recommendations on investigating performance at various levels (hardware, database, server, and network)
    • Recommendations on best approaches to simplify data to help improve fast visualizations of millions of vector or raster data
    • Configuration of tiles caches seeding
    • Clustering strategies of servers in cloud environments
    • Deployment management in production environments
    • Style strategies to improve visualization at various levels.
    • Development of script procedures for ingesting and preprocessing data (e.g. for seeding purposes)

    With all the packages GeoSolutions clients get access to a private ticket portal where requests are tracked precisely and timely with a defined SLA (which depends on the purchased level of support) as well as a private forum where questions are answered with priority. In addition, clients can access private GeoSolutions technical papers about our Open Source products. Virtual meetings are also included in the plan to futher discuss issues or provide knowledge transfer.

    View the different levels of Enterprise Support.

  • Customized Solutions

    GeoSolutions has extensive experience in providing customized enterprise solutions to deliver geospatial content at scale leveraging PostGIS, GeoServer, MapStore, GeoNetwork and GeoNode.

    GeoSolutions has built and deployed over the years a large number of geospatial solutions for the ingestion, management and dissemination of geospatial data at scale. Many clients rely on such infrastructures for delivering critical geospatial content to their clients with confidence. GeoSolutions has experience in deploying on-premise as well in the cloud (Azure and AWS platforms).

    Examples of projects are described in GeoSolutions portfolio. Additional references can be provided upon request for more specific scenarios.

  • Training

    GeoSolutions provides professional training on GeoServer, MapStore, GeoNetwork and GeoNode worldwide. Our trainers are renowned professionals in the open source geospatial community. They have in-depth technical knowledge about the various open source products GeoSolutions supports, since they are part of the core development team behind them.

    GeoSolutions has been providing training in the last 10 years privately for clients and also during public events in global, regional, and national conferences (e.g. FOSS4G, GEOINT and INSPIRE conferences). Countries where GeoSolutions has provided training include: Italy, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Belgium, Uganda. Madagascar, Nepal, Suriname, Zambia, Mozambique, South Korea, Austria, Finland, Spain, and Portugal.

    Currently GeoSolutions training is provided virtually using the GeoSolutions web conferencing platform, allowing rich interaction between trainers and students. GeoSolutions also provides videos and all the materials to the students. Training on site might be possible in the near future.

    GeoSolutions also provides free webinars (1-2 per month) which are advertised in our blog. Our training material is made available on our website. For example, check the GeoServer online training.