GeoNorth Information Systems Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Imagery

    Satellite Imagery - Optical

    GNIS provides satellite imagery from a wide range of Electro Optical (EO) sources, providing options to address almost any imagery need or requirement. Imagery is available in a range of spatial resolutions from 30cm to 22m. All of the satellites collect imagery in both the visible (RGB) and near inferred (NIR), in additional several of the satellite can also collect the short wave inferred (SWIR) bands. This breadth of spectral options, allows GNIS to satisfy a range of users from those interested in simply seeing a ‘picture’ to those performing advanced analysis. Furthermore, GNIS can acquire new imagery anywhere in the world and provide historical imagery back to 1986.

    • Spatial resolution: 30cm to 22m
    • Spectral bands: Pan, RGB, NIR, & SWIR
    • Mono and stereo
    • Collection capability: Global
    • Historical archive: 1986 to present
    • Tasking services: standard and priority

    Satellite Imagery – Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

    Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery can be acquired day or night, and in all weather conditions, making it an ideal solution when there is an urgent need for new imagery anywhere in the world. Available in resolution ranging from 25cm to 40m, SAR data can support a diverse range of applications from highly detailed site mapping/monitoring to monitoring maritime activity or hazards over a large swath of the ocean. Moreover, the active nature of a SAR technologies provide some unique processing capabilities, which include the ability to monitor movement on the earth’s surface to the millimeter level.

    • Spatial resolution: 25cm to 40m
    • Spectral bands: X-Band
    • Collection capability: Global
  • Elevation

    Produced from satellite imagery (EO & SAR) sources, GNIS provides a variety of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) to support a broad range of applications. Both Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) are available at post spacing of 1-30m. One highlight is WorldDEM, the first and only truly global high-resolution DEM. WorldDEM is an off-the-shelf product that can be produced to specifications and delivered within a few days*. Other elevation products are built-to-order, some requiring new data acquisition and others using archive data.

    • DSM (includes all surface features – e.g., buildings, trees, …)
    • DTM (all surface features removed to show topography)
    • Post spacing: 1m – 30m
    • Global DEM available off-the-shelf*
    • Build-to-order elevation products

    *Large orders or DTM order my take longer

  • Mapping

    GNIS offers a wide range of GIS-ready mapping products, many with off-the-shelf availability. We also offer value-added image processing services for build-to-order mapping products.

    Imagery base maps

    • GIS-ready base maps at local, regional, national, and global scales, as well as custom scales
    • Multiple zoom levels ranging from 30cm to 2.5m
    • Panchromatic and color
    • Various formats available and flexible licensing options
    • Delivery via FTP, firewire, and streaming services

    Global Oil Seeps

    • Global database of oil slicks covering offshore basins
    • Contains more than 25,000 potential seepage slicks, including slick source points, slick vectors, probably slick type and confidence levels
    • Constructed using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery
    • Immediately available on a local, regional or global license
    • Custom areas and new acquisition available

    Topographic maps

    • Coverage of 237 countries
    • US map scales from 1:24,000 to 1:500,000
    • International map scales from 1:10,000 to 1:1,000,000
    • Global nautical chart scale from 1:10,000 to 1:10,000,000
    • Available in multiple file formats and file sizes


    • Variety of custom mapping products available, including thematic maps
    • Examples include land cover maps, geological (surface mineral) maps, hazard maps, coastal and near-shore maps, cadastral maps, vegetative maps, …
  • Production services

    Many users lack the expertise, software or time required to transform raw satellite imagery into useful products. This can be as straight forward as creating an ortho-rectified image so the imagery can be easily integrated into a GIS or CAD applications, to expert analysis of satellite imagery used in the development of a geological study over a region. Using in-house experts and the expertise of key partners, GNIS can delivery virtually any type of imagery-derived product.

    • Image processing – e.g., ortho and ortho-mosaics
    • Change detection – optical and SAR
    • InSAR processing – e.g., change detection, ground surface movement, …)
    • Feature identification, classification, and extraction (e.g., high consequence areas)
    • Vegetative analysis
    • Volumetrics
    • Ground control points (derived from SAR imagery)
  • Custom satellite-based programs

    GNIS, in partnership with customers and partners, can design custom satellite-based programs to support site monitoring and emergency response services, for any location in the world. Programs can include the collection, processing, and analysis of imagery, along with reports tailored to customer needs.

    Site monitoring

    • · Baseline imagery and other geospatial content/maps (e.g., elevation, land cover, …)
    • New image acquisition at pre-determined intervals (e.g., monthly, quarterly, …)
    • Change detection and derivative products, which can include:
      • Analysis report describing change, based on image analysis/interpretation
      • Measurement (e.g., new infrastructure build-out, volumetrics, …)
      • Environmental mapping (e.g., site remediation, sensitive habitats, …)
      • Feature identification and classification (e.g., new structures in high consequence areas)
    • Program components to be determined:
      • Sensor types – optical and/or SAR
      • Image resolution
      • Image update frequency (e.g., monthly, quarterly, …)
      • Deliverables (e.g., basic imagery, ortho-imagery, information derived from image processing or analysis, …; Shapefiles; reports; …)
      • Delivery method (e.g., FTP, streaming services, …)
    • Note: monitoring can combine different resolution imagery at different intervals; e.g., 1.5m resolution imagery for broad area change detection, followed by 30cm imagery for a more detailed site/object assessment.

    Emergency response services

    • Baseline imagery and other geospatial content/maps (e.g., elevation, land cover, …)
    • Pre-event drills, coordinated with customer
    • Post-event image acquisition and near real-time delivery, e.g., choice of:
      • Sensor types – optical and/or SAR
      • Image resolution
      • Frequency and volume (e.g., intra-day, daily, …; single image, multiple images, …)
      • Duration (e.g., one week, two weeks, …)
      • Deliverables (e.g., basic imagery, ortho-imagery, information derived from image processing or analysis, …; Shapefiles; incident reports; …)
      • Delivery method (e.g., FTP, streaming services, …)
  • Content management

    In addition to image acquisition and processing, GNIS also provides geospatial content hosting and management, along with web service delivery. This solution can be fully cloud-based or deployed as an appliance behind the firewall.

    • Search and discovery of available geospatial content
    • OGC-compliant streaming services: WMS, WMTS, WCS, WFS, Esri SOAP and REST, KML, …
    • Subscription service available for cloud-base deployments
    • Optional reference layers available – e.g., Landsat natural color mosaics, USGS NED and SRTM elevation, US NAIP, ….