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Comply-to-Connect, or C2C, is the Department of Defense’s next major step forward in network security for all networks comprising the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) and at both the non-classified and classified levels. C2C is a program that delivers capabilities to accomplish two primary goals:

1.     First, C2C fills existing capability gaps in currently fielded enterprise security solutions through complete device identification, device and user authentication, and security compliance assessment.

2.     Second, C2C automates routine security administrative functions, remediation of noncompliant devices and incident response through the integration of multiple management and security products and continuous monitoring.

This site is your one-stop-shop for accessing resources to help understand C2C and take action on securing your license(s)! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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View this overview document which goes through the step-by-step process for requesting and downloading your C2C license(s).

Download the document here!


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How Can Your Organization Get Started?

View this one-pager to learn more about what devices can be secured and what Forescout products and services can apply.

Download the paper here!

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Comply-to-Connect: The Basis for Cybersecurity

This primer, 4-page document gives an overview of the Comply-to-Connect Process, the technology behind C2C capabilities, and the various compliance checks enabled by C2C.

Download the paper here!



Comply-to-Connect In Less Than 6 Minutes

Knowing all of the devices on the DOD’s Information Network, or DODIN, has always been a challenge. And if they don’t know that a device is connected, they can’t defend it or the information on it. Comply-to-Connect, or ‘C2C,’ is changing all of that. 

Download the video here!


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Forescout C2C microsite under Educational Resources

DOD CIO Update: National Defense Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2017, Section 1653 Compliance, Information Security Continuous Monitoring, Implementing Comply-to Connect Policy, and Limitations on Software Licensing.

Download the paper here!