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Salesforce DevOps Solution for the Public Sector

Flosum is the only 100% native DevOps platform for Salesforce. It allows developers and release managers to manage end-to-end lifecycle from Requirements Management to Deployment to Production. A simple solution to automate continuous integration, improve team collaboration, and improve team governance and accountability. Through Flosum, you are able to monitor all events throughout your Salesforce instance and provide visibility into each developer’s actions.

Use Flosum to:

  • Simplify and accelerate the development process.
  • Reduce time and effort of release managers’ duties.
  • Help managers take control of development and release management processes.

Flosum eliminates a huge part of deployment time by automating complex and manual tasks. The result: better-quality software and much lighter work schedules.


Summit Tier Salesforce Partner

As a leader in the industry, Flosum has achieved a Gold level partnership with Salesforce. Product development enablement, technology, and marketing support from Salesforce allowed Flosum to create a truly unique and customer focused product. With the complete support of the world’s leading cloud platform, Flosum has had the opportunity to deliver unparalleled customer success.

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