Federated Wireless Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Private 5G wireless

    4G or 5G private wireless networks offer multiple performance benefits, such as faster data transmission, lower latency, and the ability to connect to more devices. 5G is expected to provide a giant leap forward in merging the human user experience and the machine or device experience.

    Private wireless as-a-service:

    • Private Wireless-as-a-service is an end-to-end managed service specifically designed for events, and operational use. You define the location and the use case, and we design, deliver, and manage a complete private network solution. This service is available for, day, week, and month-long events to life.
  • Shared Spectrum / Spectrum Access System (SAS)

    Sharing the CBRS spectrum is made easy through our award-winning Spectrum Controller, which combines our standards-based, patented, algorithm-powered SAS with our triple-redundant ESC network. In addition, our SAS is implemented as a service in the cloud for efficiency and scale. This unleashes new business models and service opportunities.

  • Spectrum Exchange

    Spectrum Exchange is a browser-based portal that brings that same simplicity to leasing spectrum. Priority Access License (PAL) holders list pricing, terms, and area options for the spectrum they want to monetize. Users browse options for available spectrum based on location, timing, lease duration, etc.

  • CBRS Optimization Services

    Optimizing your network for society’s innovation takes the best and latest tools. Federated Wireless has the expertise and infrastructure to offer CBRS optimization services in every deployment.