Faction Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Cloud Control Volumes

    Faction Cloud Control Volumes (CCVs) provide customers with persistent cloud-attached storage with a flexible design that matches the right storage performance tiers to workload needs, optimizing costs. The service is directly connected to public clouds via proprietary, patented network connectivity with ultra-low latency. Customers can also leverage this service for cloud-based, cost-effective disaster-recovery-as-a-service for VMware-based workloads.

  • Data Protection Solution Powered by Cloud Control Volumes

    This fully managed service is available to protect your on-premises data, backup and recovery for applications and data stored in any of the major hyperscale clouds (AWS, Azure, Google), or can use native backup and archive applications that leverage common protocols like NFS and SMB to backup data to the cloud without rearchitecting.

  • Faction Hybrid Disaster Recovery as a Service

    Faction Hybrid DRaaS (HDRaaS™) provides an ideal solution on VMware Cloud on AWS for customers who need a flexible solution that can leverage existing tools like VMware Site Recovery or if needed, supports flexible replication technologies. Faction Cloud Control Volumes provide the scalable storage backend for your replication and failover needs on VMware Cloud on AWS. Our managed Disaster Recovery Services, coupled with Faction Control Volumes, deliver a cost-effective, enterprise-grade solution for replicating and protecting on-premises VMware workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS. Our managed DR services provide assistance from the initial design and replication to testing and failover.

  • Managed VMware Cloud on AWS

    VMware Cloud on AWS is a great platform for customers who are heavily invested in the VMware technology stack on-premises and have built up years of experience with VMware tools and ecosystem partners. The platform delivers a powerful solution for datacenter extension from on-premise to cloud, cost-effective and scalable cloud disaster recovery protection for on-premises workloads, and a VMware-consistent target site for cloud migrations. Cloud is always made out to be extremely simple, but we have learned through experience that you need talented people to make the most of your cloud investments. This is where Faction’s Managed Services for VMware Cloud on AWS can help.

  • Hosted VMware Private Cloud

    Our hosted VMware private cloud provides the control and governance you are used to with VMware on-premises, along with available capacity to grow as your business expands. Expand your private cloud compute and storage resources by leveraging OpEx vs CapEx as Faction supplies the datacenter space, network connectivity, and datacenter operations. Faction Private Cloud deployments are fully customized and configurable cloud solutions based on a simple building block approach. Our hosted VMware private cloud solution outperforms on-premises workloads and connects to everywhere you need.