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Expanse shows you a complete, real-time view of all your Internet assets and what's talking to them.

Expanse is a SaaS company that continuously discovers, tracks, and monitors the dynamic global Internet Edge for the world’s largest organizations. In addition, Expanse is the first company to deliver off-premise analysis of network edge communications to identify customer systems that are making risky connections to out-of-policy services on the public Internet.

  • Deploy immediately: Expanse is a DISA approved agent-less SaaS solution available via DoD CIO Enterprise Software Initiative BPA
  • Identify high-value “edge case” risks, such as shadow IT in cloud hosting and risky or out-of-policy communications with external IP addresses and assets on the Internet
  • Receive global alerts to customer-specific accidental connections of sensitive IT, OT, and IOT devices to the public Internet, whether they occur at headquarter, at remote locations, or in commercial cloud hosting environments
  • Generate intelligence in support of proactive defensive cyber operations with Threat Hunt “as a service” data sources and analytics.
  • Remotely verify IT policy compliance of contractors, and key suppliers for supply chain risk mitigation


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