Exodus Intelligence provides intelligence, law enforcement, and DHS communities the ability to have nation state tooling and insights.

Exodus employs some of the world’s most advanced reverse engineers and exploit developers to provide Government and Enterprise the unique ability to understand, prepare, and defend against the ever changing landscape of Cyber Security. By providing customers with actionable Vulnerability Intelligence including deep vulnerability analysis, detection and mitigation guidance, and tooling to test defenses, our customers receive leading edge insights to harden their network or achieve mission success.

Exodus customers receive proprietary knowledge, analysis, and tooling for Nday vulnerabilities as well as Zeroday vulnerabilities. The Nday vulnerability intelligence primarily focuses on Enterprise software and hardware. The Zeroday vulnerability intelligence and tooling covers Enterprise software and hardware, Essential desktop capabilities such as Privilege escalation capabilities for primary operating systems and browser capabilities, as well as mobile device capabilities for widely used mobile devices. Exodus provides this research in an easy to digest portal or API integration.

Our proprietary research, methodology, and tools provide immediate visibility into existing and emerging cyber threats that equip our defensive customers with a security-first posture and perspective. Our offensive customers benefit from our Essentials and Mobile offerings to support mission success.

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