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We Help Security Teams Outsmart the Odds

Expanding attack surfaces. Billions of events. Insider threats. False positives. Increasingly, the odds are stacked against security teams. New attackers, from sophisticated state actors to malicious insiders, emerge daily. Meanwhile, organizations are less and less able to defend themselves: security teams are understaffed and risk being overwhelmed.

Exabeam helps security teams outsmart the odds by adding intelligence to existing security tools – SIEMs, XDRs, cloud data lakes and hundreds of other Exabeam Technology Alliance Partner products. We provide out-of-the-box use cases – from collection to detection, triage, investigation and response – to deliver repeatable results. Our behavioral analytics allows analysts to detect compromised and malicious users that were previously difficult, or impossible, to find. And actionable data insights help overcome staff shortages by eliminating false positives and reducing the time it takes analysts to triage, investigate and respond to incidents.


The Exabeam user behavior analytics solution integrates with the latest data science techniques to quickly uncover cyber attacks and drive security operational efficiencies. A few key product features that are pioneering how security is done:

  • Automated discovery of asset types
  • Automated discovery of service accounts
  • Visibility into departmental behavior risk and employee activities
  • Exabeam Advanced Analytics
    • The world’s most-deployed UEBA security solution – Modern threat detection using behavioral modeling and machine learning.
  • Exabeam Cloud Connectors
    • Reliably collect logs from over 30 cloud services into Exabeam Data Lake, Exabeam Advanced Analytics, and any other SIEM to enhance our cloud security.
  • Exabeam Data Lake
    • Unlimited collection and secure data storage without volume-based pricing.
  • Exabeam Entity Analytics
    • Behavioral Analytics for Internet-Connected Devices to complete your UEBA solution.
  • Exabeam Incident Responder
    • Add automation and orchestration to your SOC to make your cyber security incident response team more productive.
  • Exabeam Threat Hunter
    • Point and click search for efficient threat hunting.
  • Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service
    • Uncover potential threats in your environment with real-time insight into indicators of compromise (IOC) and malicious hosts.



GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2025


Aug 31, 2020- Aug 30, 2025
*Additional Option Years Available

State and Local


Aug 28, 2012- Mar 31, 2022

City of Seattle Contract

Jul 11, 2014- Dec 19, 2021

Department of General Services PA - Symantec

May 01, 2009- Dec 19, 2021

Educational Software Solutions and Services - OMNIA Partners, Public Sector

Feb 27, 2020- Apr 30, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP)

May 20, 2019- Mar 01, 2022

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


Oct 20, 2015- Sep 03, 2025

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

Apr 11, 2016- Nov 30, 2021

OH STS 0119Y

May 31, 2012- Jun 30, 2021

Pennsylvania COSTARS-6 IT Software Contract

Aug 31, 2017- Aug 31, 2021

State of Indiana Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Jul 31, 2021

State of New Mexico Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Aug 01, 2021


May 02, 2014- Dec 19, 2021



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Threat hunting enables analysts to proactively search for and respond to adversaries on the network. Exabeam Threat Hunter brings the power of threat hunting to every analyst within a Security Operations Center (SOC).

Exabeam, an industry pioneer of User Behavior Intelligence, leverages existing SIEM and log management data repositories to understand a complete picture of user session activities from log on to log off, allowing the technology to detect account impersonation throughout the attack chain. The Ex...

Exabeam Datasheet
Unlimited security data collection, indexing, and search.

Implementing an unlimited logging solution like Exabeam Data Lake frees up security budget, that can be repurposed to invest in threat detection and incident response.

Exabeam Datasheet
Today's credential based threats are complex, often touching many systems, using multiple log-ins, and spanning a period of several months. These insider threats involve the legitimate credentials and access privileges of real users, making them challenging for legacy security solutions to dete...

Exabeam Datasheet
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Solutions Brief

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Threat hunting and incident response are critical roles of security operations center (Soc) Analysts. With the ever-rising sophistication of new and emerging attacks, analysts need an edge to stay ahead of adversaries.