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Resilience in the Face of Risk

Everbridge software applications sit at the heart of some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking safety, security, and emergency management projects in the world. Over 6,100 global customers rely on Everbridge Critical Event Management applications, which include:

  • Operational Resilience
  • Mass Notification and Public Warning
  • Physical Security Information Management
  • Command and Control
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Crisis Management
  • Travel Risk Management solutions.

These solutions help government customers prepare for and recovery from critical events such as natural disasters, active shooters, terrorist attacks, IT disruptions, power outages, medical emergencies, and more. Everbridge CEM applications are modular, tightly integrated and highly configurable which allows them to be implemented individually or as a comprehensive end-to-end solution for any agency, program or mission.

The Everbridge platform enables clients to identify relevant risks, assess the impact on personnel, facilities, and operations, and holistically manage the critical event response process from start to finish. This includes the ability to account for personnel, communicate crucial messages to those in need, track assigned tasks, manage resources, and analyze performance to improve response for subsequent events.

Data for Planning and Protecting

Today more than ever, Everbridge customers are using Everbridge Risk intelligence and sensor data to help plan and protect against future events and become more resilient. Everbridge enables this by equipping customers with a winning combination of real time, historic and contextual data sets. By analyzing and fusing data across a variety of sources (including open source/ publicly available, government, IoT and sensors), Everbridge provides customers with the tailored intelligence they need for better situational awareness, to improve incident response times and to drive operational efficiencies.

Everbridge is a trusted provider to the public sector, powering the national alerting systems for over 20 countries, serving over 80 U.S. federal agencies, 47 out of the 50 busiest airports in the U.S., 8 of the 10 largest U.S. cities, and many of the most disaster-prone areas of the US. Over 6,100 global customers rely on the Company’s Critical Event Management Platform, with Everbridge reaching over 2 billion people in more than 200 countries and territories.


The FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO) authorizes the Everbridge 360 Suite of platform and products based on independent auditors’ rigorous annual examination to ensure Everbridge implements the 325 controls in the FedRAMP Moderate baseline required to support the operational resilience needs of federal agencies, a mandate for any cloud service provider that serves the federal government. FedRAMP (the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) maintains a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring of SaaS providers used by the federal government.

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