Capability Domains met by Entrust Digital Security

Entrust Digital Certificates (Code Signing, SMIME & VMC)

Entrust Code Signing Certificates authenticate a software publisher's identity and verifies code integrity with a tamperproof seal for software downloads.

SMIME can help prevent email forgery by signing emails to prove authorship of the email, whereas VMC's can do this from a corporate level as it provides organizational ownership with a registered mark in the email (for GMail users).

Entrust Certificate Hub

Discovery Scanner with Certificate Hub can find certificates with weak algorithms or key lengths. Certificate Hub now integrates with Tenable and InfoSec Global scanners to capture certificate data from those system scanners.

Entrust CloudControl & DataControl

Both feature audit-quality logging and alerting. This advanced logging captures complete audit trails tied to privileged users' actions and events taking place in the environment (including both allows and denies). Inalterable logs can be automatically sent, in real-time, to Syslog / SIEM tools for broader security monitoring and further analysis.