eHawk Solutions for the Public Sector

eHawk’s RePath app provides mobile supervision for all agencies in community corrections for pre-trial, probation, parole, as well as juvenile and sex offender registry supervision.


  •  Is installed on participant’s smartphone and delivered relevant data back to the supervisor
  • Requires no hardware not already owned by participants and agencies
  • Is not required to integrate with legacy systems and can be implemented into any agency within days
  • Reduces pre-trial incarceration, reduces failures to appear for court, increases accountability, and saves taxpayer funds
  • Provides dramatic improvement in supervisor efficiency
  • Provides multiple levels of supervision
  • Improves communication through SMS text, in-app notifications, chat, and transcripted video calls
  • Allows for location tracking with inclusion/exclusion zones
  • Is designed to provide access to community services to reduce recidivism
  • Can be used with or without the assistance of our professional, US based 24/7 supervision center