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Human-centered design approach to unlock human potential.

eCare Vault is a modular, cloud-based solution. We help public sector organizations with personalized, digital hubs centered around individuals in ways that light up a pathway towards success.

eCare Vault supports the public sector (e.g., Health and Human Services State Agencies, Institutions of Higher Learning, Community Based Organizations, K-12 School Districts) with our digital solutions to support front-line workers (e.g., child welfare workers, police officers, educators) as well as the vulnerable clients they serve (e.g., child /youth involved with juvenile justice, students with support needs, foster youth, survivors of domestic violence.)

Our mission, as a women & minority operated business, is to unlock human potential by:

  • Powering up secure, interactive hubs for collaboration, coaching & peer supports.
  • Personalizing the pathway forward towards well-being & skill development.
  • Deepening insights into what's working with real-time nudges, alerts, analytics & reporting.

Our interdisciplinary team (of clinicians, coaches, and engineers) offers two types of solutions:

  • Software: Modular, privacy-compliant software solution that enables personalized digital hubs and team-based pathway navigation around well-being, career progression, DEI and belonging in ways that can feed structured data and analytics to machine learning systems for predictive and prescriptive nudges and reminders along the pathway.
  • Advisory Services: Professional services around person-centered metrics, change management, well-being supports, recruitment and retention strategies with the use of technology