DigitalBlue Software Solutions

  • EnforceNet

    A CJIS-compliant, FirstNet Listed, RapidSOS Ready safety and communications app for Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement officers on any type of patrol -- vehicle, motorcycle, foot, mounted, and more. Users get AVL, Maps, Search, Instant Messaging (IM), Alerts, Unit Status, Shift/Duty Status, and can upgrade to a wide range of integrations making EnforceNet the Smart Cities app that gets the right data to the right first responder at the right time to reduce response times, protect property, and save lives.

  • DigitalBlue Services

    A custom software development and systems integration partner for governments and their preferred technology solutions providers. The company provides specific expertise in projects that require compliance to state/federal standards such as CJIS, FirstNet, FIPS, HIPAA, and others.

  • Assessments & Pentesting

    We assess your environments both public and private, on-site and remote, giving you critical feedback on areas of concern and vulnerabilities. For on-site, we'll typically send a team of 2 cybersecurity engineers to business locations.

  • Product Assessments

    Do you provide a hardware product or software service to your customers? We evaluate pre-production and production grade hardware/software solutions for vulnerabilities. Provide us with a piece of test hardware or software and we'll deliver the results you need to address any issues.

  • Remediation Plans

    Most cybersecurity engagements result in a plan to address the findings. We can help you implement the remediation plan to get back into compliance. When the plan requires additional resources, we can leverage our extensive partner network.

  • Incident Response

    Incident response is not only urgent, but oftentimes it is delicate and complex. We're skilled at not only handling the immediate technical issues, but we can also keep your management and leadership constantly updated with progress updates, next steps, and communication guidance.