Digital Reasoning Solutions for the Public Sector

Benefits of the Synthesys(r) Machine Learning Platform

Knows how people talk: Synthesys has an astounding understanding of human language. It understands what people have said and can deal with the ambiguity of words—for instance, when different names are referring to same thing (Joe, Joseph, Joey). It not only understands the words being said but also learns from the in-context usage, exposing the real human meaning in the data.

Accumulates context: Synthesys doesn’t just identify the names of people, places and organizations; it relates them to the real-world entities they represent. Once identified, it accumulates knowledge about those entities to include attributes (DOB, POB, date founded, HQ location, etc.), relationships and facts, creating rich knowledge profiles. These profiles are the fundamental building blocks needed to make relevant predictions about future behaviors of employees, customers or potential threats.

Keeps a watchful eye: Most solutions index data and expect you to know what you’re looking for. As a result, key information gets overlooked. Synthesys offers a smarter way by providing organizations with the ability to build and configure pattern detection logic to identify key risk/performance indicators. Synthesys is now on the lookout for these patterns, proactively detecting activities of interest.

Learns and gets smarter: The best thing about Synthesys - its knowledge graph gets smarter and grows with you. It never forgets. It’s persistent and pervasive. Synthesys teaches itself to draw conclusions based on what you’re looking for in your data. That means, like a great employee, Synthesys becomes even more intelligent and valuable over time.

Knowledge visualization: Synthesys Glance™ is a new Web application that enables analysts to interactively browse and analyze knowledge profiles of people and organizations to discover valuable patterns and relationships that were previously difficult to detect in the data. Glance provides organizations the ability to identify and respond to threats and opportunities more quickly than ever before.