Dell Solutions for Federal Government Agencies

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Gain competitive advantage by designing solutions to automate and accelerate battlefield intelligence, operations and decision-making. When trust and security are imperative, Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions is the partner you need to design the high-performance systems necessary for mission-critical success.


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Multi-cloud poses opportunities and challenges to government agencies. Multi-cloud implemented ineffectively can create data islands that impact data security, management, and compliance in government agencies carrying classified information. When adopted effectively, however, multi-cloud is valuable to government agencies as it prevents vendor lock-in and offers flexibility, optimized performance, and sometimes reduced costs.A cloud management system must be carefully and strategically implemented to maximize the benefits.


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Protecting your organization from the inevitability of cyberattacks – especially ransomware – requires a multi-layered approach. You’ve got to prevent attacks (of course), but you’ve also got to be prepared for the worst. Dell EMC Cyber Recovery protects your organization’s most critical data within an isolated secure vault. Through an innovative REST API-based automation approach, your data is removed from the attack surface. Additionally, Cyber Recovery brings flexibility in automating robust analytics by integrating custom or well-known industry tools into your workflow. This facilitates a robust and proactive workflow to help increase cyber resilience throughout your organization.