Learn how to protect your airspace from drone threats

Dedrone protects people, property, and information from drone threats. Drone use is on the rise across various industries - everything from military to government to corporate environments, as well as retail, logistics, agriculture, construction, sports, entertainment, and even the casual user. As drone use rises, so does the need to monitor, track and mitigate drone threats effectively.

Dedrone is the market leader in smart airspace security and the most trusted counter-drone system for critical infrastructure, government operations, military assets, correctional facilities, and enterprises to protect against unwanted small drones (sUAS). Servicing over 35 countries, including 4 G7 nations, and the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of State, Dedrone provides the essential tools security teams need to prepare for and prevent drone incursions and protect operational continuity. With flexibility to host in the cloud or on-premise, Dedrone‘s SaaS technology combines machine-learning software with best-in-class sensors and effectors to detect, identify, locate and mitigate against all drone threats.


Dedrone is a fully automatic counter-drone solution, and uniquely designed to detect, identify, and mitigate drone-based threats. Its optimized hardware and third-party sensors can be mounted on rooftops, masts or platforms, and identifies approaching drones by means of visual (EO/IR), acoustic, radar, and radio frequency sensors. Noise, movement patterns, silhouettes, as well as RF signals are processed and evaluated with the intelligent DedroneTracker multi-modal sensor fusion software. DedroneTracker’s correlation and analysis of this information reliably classifies approaching drones and triggers alarms to alert security staff for mitigation.

Dedrone also provides the DroneDefender mitigation option available to authorized government agencies. DroneDefender is man-portable mitigation solution that quickly disrupts the adversary’s control of the drone, minimizing risk to public safety and damage to the drone.

DedroneRapidResponse is their portable detection unit. The solution offers Dedrone's AI-powered technology in a mobile platform attached to a tower, anywhere from 30-50’ high, that can be easily towed and maneuvered on a trailer using an SUV or truck. The tower is deployable in under 30 minutes and offers a range of 5km detection through a multi-layered solution with two cameras to track multiple drones simultaneously. Additionally, Dedrone can easily network multiple trailers to deliver optimal drone security for large public safety events.  

Established in 2014, Dedrone is headquartered in San Francisco, with operations in Washington, D.C.-area, Columbus, Ohio, London, and Germany.