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DataRobot and Carahsoft have partnered together to provide a series of self-guided tours of DataRobot's products and features. Similar to a live demo, the self-guided tours explores how DataRobot's products and features applies to a specific technology vertical such as Artificial Intelligence.


Learn about DataRobot's benefits, watch a short pre-recorded demo video, and download related resources. If interested in furthering the conversation, you can also schedule a live demo with a DataRobot expert from Carahsoft. Start a Self-Guided Tour now by selecting one below: 


DataRobot Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

DataRobot Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

DataRobot AI Cloud Platform is the result of nearly a decade of AI innovation, involving 1.5 million engineering hours. Successfully deployed in a million active projects globally, it uniquely addresses today’s challenges and opportunities, serving as the foundation for the next generation of intelligent business. The DataRobot AI Platform provides distinct advantages, serving as a single platform for all users, fostering collaboration among Data Engineers, Data Scientists, IT Ops and Business Leaders. It seamlessly integrates data from various sources, offering a global view of your business-driving data, including Databases, Data Clouds, Cloud Storage, Geospatial and Enterprise Apps. This is delivered through an integrated, End-to-End Toolchain, featuring Visual and Code-Centric Data Preparation, Data Pipelines, Automated Machine Learning and Notebooks.

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DataRobot for Generative AI

Create secure and impactful enterprise-scale generative AI applications. DataRobot offers extensive customization, adaptability across various cloud platforms and provides all the necessary tools to construct, deploy and monitor robust generative AI solutions reliably and safely for enterprises.


  • Our API-first integrations let you stay in the driver’s seat for your generative AI initiatives and prevent vendor lock-in
  • Quickly drive innovation by deploying new generative AI use cases within hours using our intuitive interface, enabling easy experimentation and comparison
  • This is an end-to-end generative AI platform that allows you to build, deploy and manage your GenAI models
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DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform

DataRobot fast-tracks your AI journey by empowering your existing team with state-of-the-art machine learning technology. This platform integrates the wisdom, expertise and top practices of global data scientists, offering unparalleled levels of automation, precision, transparency and collaboration. This aids in transitioning your business into an AI-driven enterprise.


  • This provides one platform for all users including creators, operators and consumers
  • The platform can be deployed on-prem, in private cloud, hybrid cloud and managed cloud
  • The DataRobot enterprise AI platform speeds up and democratizes data science by automating the entire process from data to delivering insights
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AI Governance with DataRobot AI Production

DataRobot AI Production offers a centralized control hub that seamlessly facilitates testing, documenting, deploying, monitoring and governing diverse production models, regardless of their origin or deployment location. Beyond typical MLOps functions, it establishes a comprehensive system to track all AI assets. This framework ensures governance and audit trails across your organization, automating versioning, compliance documentation and tracking custom business metrics. With DataRobot AI Production, concerns about model risk diminish, ensuring readiness to address regulatory inquiries or audits.


  • Access control helps teams maintain control over production environments
  • Automated Model compliance documentation reduces manual workload for your data science team, speeding up model deployment timelines
  • A systematically arranged and easily navigable model inventory allows your team to efficiently organize, manage and access models with ease
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DataRobot for Snowflake

In today's landscape, data holds immense potential, yet unlocking its fullest value demands the appropriate analytical prowess through AI. Harnessing deeper insights from AI has the potential to drive revenue, foster innovation, reduce expenses, enhance operations and offer a competitive edge. Leveraging DataRobot's automated machine learning alongside Snowflake's Data Cloud provides the swiftest route to extracting optimal value from your data.


  • Through the combination of Snowflake and DataRobot, organizations can swiftly harness the latent value within their data by implementing AI and machine learning initiatives
  • Gain entry to diverse and valuable data sources within the Snowflake Data Cloud, elevating the caliber of models generated through DataRobot
  • Ability to store DataRobot predictive model results in Snowflake

DataRobot's Benefits Snapshot:


  • Operate enterprise-wide monitoring and control across your enterprise
  • Govern your AI landscape, users and processes for visibility and oversight
  • Build rapidly with an open AI ecosystem that provides full adaptability