What CrowdStrike Product Are You Working With Today?


CrowdStrike Solutions for the Public Sector

The CrowdStrike Falcon® Platform: One Platform. Complete Protection.

Endpoint Security

Threat Intelligence

  • FALCON X™ | Automated Threat Intelligence

    Enriches the events and incidents detected by the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, automating intelligence so security operations teams can make better, faster decisions

  • FALCON X PREMIUM™ | Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Delivers world-class intelligence reporting, technical analysis, malware analysis and threat hunting capabilities, enabling organizations to build cyber resiliency and more effectively defend against sophisticated nation-state, eCrime and hacktivist adversaries

  • FALCON X ELITE™ | Assigned Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

    Maximizes your investment in Falcon X Premium with access to a CrowdStrike threat intelligence analyst whose mission is helping you defend against adversaries targeting your organization


    Monitors potentially malicious activity across the open, deep and dark web, enabling you to better protect your brand, employees and sensitive data

  • FALCON SANDBOX™ | Malware Analysis

    Uncovers the full malware attack lifecycle with in-depth insight into all file, network, memory and process activity, and provides easy-to-understand reports, actionable IOCs and seamless integration

Managed Services

Cloud Security

Security and IT Operations

Identity Protection


    Enables hyper-accurate detection of identity-based threats in real time, leveraging AI and behavioral analytics to provide deep actionable insights to stop modern attacks like ransomware


    Enables hyper-accurate threat detection and real-time prevention of identity-based attacks by combining the power of advanced AI, behavioral analytics and a flexible policy engine to enforce risk-based conditional access

  • HUMIO | Log Management and Observability

    Offers an advanced, purpose-built log management platform that lets organizations log everything to answer anything in real time, enables complete observability for all streaming logs and event data, and helps better prepare for the unknown by making it easy to explore and find the root cause of any incident


    Delivers pre- and post-incident response (IR) services 24/7 to support you before, during and after a breach, with skilled teams to help you defend against and respond to security incidents, prevent breaches and optimize your speed to remediation

    Prepare: Advisory Services

    • Tabletop Exercise
    • Adversary Emulation Exercise
    • Red Team/Blue Team Penetration Testing

    Respond: Breach Services

    • Incident Response (DFIR)
    • Endpoint Recovery
    • Compromise Assessment
    • Network Security Monitoring

    Fortify: Advisory Services

    • Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment
    • Technical Risk Assessment
    • SOC Assessment
    • AD Security Assessment
    • Cybersecurity Enhancement Program
    • Security in Depth

    Technology Services

    • Cloud Security Services
    • Identity Protection Services
    • Network Monitoring Services