Cribl Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Cribl Stream

    Cribl Stream is a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that gives you the flexibility to collect, reduce, enrich, normalize, and route data from any source to any destination within your existing data infrastructure. You’ll finally achieve full control of your data, empowering you to choose how to treat your data to best support your business goals.

  • Cribl Edge

    Cribl Edge is the easiest way to get observability data out of any Linux or Windows system. Edge allows you to reliably collect and process logs, metrics, and application data in real time from your Linux or Windows machines, apps, and microservices and deliver them to Cribl Stream or any supported destination. Edge’s intelligent agent efficiently gathers and auto-discovers observability data at its egress point, so you open up additional, cost-effective options for data collection and processing. With Edge’s built-in Fleet Management, you can effortlessly manage hundreds to thousands of Cribl Edge nodes while lowering data collection TCO. Collect all of the data you need, at the edge, at scale.

  • Cribl Appscope

    Cribl AppScope provides application-centric instrumentation and data collection, so you get visibility into any application or process. With one instrumentation approach for all runtimes, AppScope offers ubiquitous, unified instrumentation of any unmodified Linux executable for single-user troubleshooting or distributed deployments. AppScope gives SREs and operators visibility into any Linux command or application, regardless of runtime, with no code modification – enabling them to get the insights they need, at any time, without exhausting developer resources.