CoreView provides the most powerful SaaS management platform (SMP) to help organizations avoid security risks, cut operating costs, and improve productivity. CoreView combines actionable visibility with granular management capabilities in a single-pane interface to increase productivity of Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications. For more information on CoreView, visit: www.coreview.com and follow us on Twitter (@CoreView_Inc) and LinkedIn.




Solutions for all Your Office 365 Needs

  • CoreAdmin

    Create Custom Reports, License Sub-pools and RBAC

    • Segment into multiple sub tenants
    • Securely delegate admin rights (RBAC)
    • Calculate costs by license pool
    • Access 200+ customizable reports
  • CoreSecurity

    Keep Users Compliant and Data Secure in Real Time

    • Set up custom security alerts
    • Review breach attempts by region
    • Review activity logs from the past year
    • Prevent non-compliant email forwards
  • CoreAdoption

    Track Usage and Promote New or Unused Services

    • Monitor usage across custom sub-pools
    • Identify low adopting groups/products
    • Promote adoption via targeted emails
    • Monitor email and training engagement
  • CoreLearning

    Show Employees How to Operate Office 365 Products on Demand

    • 2,000+ on-demand training videos
    • Track viewing history to identify obstacles
    • Access videos through single sign-on
    • Add company specific content
  • CoreScan

    Comply with GDPR By Scanning Content for Sensitive Information

    • Respond fast to Subject Access
    • Requests Use AI to find sensitive keywords and PII
    • Automate Right to Be Forgotten requests
    • Remove PII easily and thoroughly
  • CoreTag

    Improve SharePoint Search by Auto-tagging Documents

    • Deliver a Google-like search experience
    • Increase SharePoint adoption
    • Auto-tag documents with AI
    • Evolve with NLP and machine learning
  • CoreSuite
    • Administration and Reporting -Manage licenses in Azure with single sign-on, one dashboard and 200+ out of the box reports.
    • Permissions and Delegation -Assign license pools and remote admins to efficiently manage thousands of users across multiple regions.
    • SaaS Product Adoption -Report product usage across a variety of user cross sections and set up email campaigns to drive adoption.
    • Accounting and Chargebacks Filter chargeback costs by department, region or a custom license subpool. Plan budgets with usage data.
    • Security and Compliance - Track suspicious sign-ins, email forwards and external server attacks. Get alerts for potential data breaches.
    • Hybrid and Cloud - Manage Office 365 solutions across multiple deployment structures, whether cloud or hybrid.
  • CoreSaaS
    • Shadow IT Discovery is Extensive - Discover which SaaS applications are in use, by whom. Choose any methods – including pulling information from systems you already have in place – to get the most complete picture of your SaaS estate.
    • All SaaS is in One Place - Once you have discovered it, see all your SaaS products in a single portal. Get a consolidated, holistic view of the hundreds or thousands of applications and browser extensions that are in use within your organization.
    • SaaS Activity is Monitored - Understand what is happening within your key SaaS products. Drill down from top-level reports to detailed information, across your user base and the array of products they are using.
    • Cost Info and Chargebacks Are Easier- Allocate costs and usage by department, location, and more to set chargebacks. Optimize licenses and cut costs by up to 30% from unused, underused, and duplicative software. Master subscription renewals using a consolidated calendar.
    • Security is Finally Possible - Identify and act upon misconfigurations, suspicious events, and risky behavior across many SaaS products. Apply consistent policies to avoid security risks. Access extended audit logs for long-term forensic analysis.
    • Workflows Improve Everything - Automate processes using a visual workflow engine. Improve consistency and stop wasting time on provisioning and de-provisioning. Increase security by automating alerts and actions on security risks.



GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


Mar 03, 2015- Aug 10, 2020
*Additional Option Years Available


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


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The pandemic has already changed everything – including IT and how work is done. The efficient functioning of IT systems is critical to the world economy, employees’ sense of purpose, and maintaining the infrastructure critical to keeping health care, government, transportation and utilities all...

The pandemic has already changed everything – including IT and how work is done. The efficient functioning of IT systems is critical to the world economy, employees’ sense of purpose, and maintaining the infrastructure critical to keeping health care, government, transportation and utilities all...

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