Copado Robotic Testing

Access AI-Powered Test Automation for the Cloud


Digital enterprises are only as good as the software that drives them — and it’s impossible to deliver quality at scale without testing. Copado Robotic Testing offers users an easy path forward to test automation. This low-code solution empowers your teams to deliver quality-driven pipelines with native CI/CD integration.

Our no-code visual recorder and QWords library make it easy for any Salesforce admin to execute end-to-end test coverage. And our self-healing AI engine keeps your test scripts from breaking every time Salesforce releases a new update. Harness the power of Copado Robotic Testing to drive speed and quality across Salesforce, CPQ, nCino, SAP and beyond.

Copado Robotic Testing empowers government agencies to unlock:

  • 10X Faster Testing: Design and execute tests in minutes with low-code UI.

  • 34X More Coverage: Scale end-to-end testing across any enterprise cloud.

  • 78% Fewer Failures: Catch bugs before production with self-healing AI.