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Low-Code DevOps for the Public Sector

Today’s citizens rely on federal, state and local governments for mission-critical online resources that empower them to pursue life, liberty and happiness. To keep up with the digital needs of their citizens, 60% of public sector agencies have active projects in the cloud.

Low-code enterprise platforms like Salesforce helps these agencies drive digital transformation — but they often struggle to scale app development and meet stringent security and compliance standards. Rising complexity can lead to siloed technologies, processes and teams. And for an organization full of siloes, bottlenecks and business delays are inevitable.

Enter Copado.

Copado is the #1 DevOps and Testing Platform for Salesforce and the cloud. The most powerful brands on the planet leverage the only quality-driven + low-code DevOps solution for multi-cloud enterprises to accelerate end-to-end digital transformation and unlock true CI/CD.

As the fastest low-code and testing platform for Salesforce, Copado seamlessly integrates, automates and orchestrates the end-to-end Salesforce DevOps cycle.

Copado is on a mission to make release days obsolete by helping public sector agencies:

  • Deploy 20X faster
  • Reduce production bugs by 94%
  • Drive 46% higher Salesforce ROI

Low-code delivery teams are the innovation engine that fuels today’s digital landscape. Copado enables Public Sector low-code teams to:

  • Roll out richer features and functionality for citizens on a consistent basis.
  • Prototype and develop capabilities in real-time to ramp up user adoption and respond to crises quickly.
  • Accelerate software delivery to increase employee efficiency and satisfaction.

Learn how Copado is helping 50% Faster Salesforce Deployments for the VA.

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