Copado Platform

Copado is the #1 DevOps Platform for Multi-Cloud Apps

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Copado’s Salesforce-Native DevOps Platform equips agencies with a single source of truth — making it easy to manage development across clouds like Mulesoft, Heroku, Salesforce and Google.

  • PLAN

    Organize your plans, ideas and work requests in Copado. Sync your work with ALM tools like JIRA and Azure Boards. Keep all activities tied to a user story and collaborate with your team via Slack or Salesforce Chatter.


    Orchestrate your development activities in one place. Customize page layouts based on how your team works — or use the Copado CLI inside your development environment. Leverage version control to track code, configurations and more.


    Automate testing and compliance and keep new functionality secure for your business. Integrate tests — including third-party tools — into your development process or automatically trigger them as part of quality gates. Harness the power of Copado Compliance Hub to verify every change you make. Leverage Copado Security Planning to reach a 360 view of security and derisk your development lifecycle.


    Deliver code changes across your development, testing and production environments. Deploy data and execute complex changes such as Salesforce profiles and manual setup. Copado groups changes into user stories and automatically builds each release based on the user stories you deploy.


    Manage the end-to-end development process with Value Stream Maps and quickly identify quality, speed and workload issues. Use built-in Salesforce capabilities to create your own reports and dashboards.