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Compliance Management Software for the Public Sector

ComplianceSeal’s mission is to solve security, privacy, governance and compliance for our customers. ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit products provide end-to-end Security, Governance, Compliance and Audit capabilities for Salesforce Customers.

ComplianceSeal is adaptive security, privacy, governance and compliance platform for Salesforce. ComplianceSeal delivers public sector customers with Automated and Simplified Authority To Operate (ATO), NIST CyberSecurity/800-53 Controls, FISMA, Risk Management Framework, and Compliance Audit. ComplianceSeal continuously monitors Salesforce with Security Controls and alerts any deviation from the security/compliance baseline.

ComplianceSeal guarantees you are secure with Salesforce Shield by providing encryption, event monitoring and data retention and field audit features with a click of a button.

ComplianceSeal is a Governance platform for Federal, State and Local customers with multiple Salesforce environments to enhance their journey for Digital Transformation and ensuring consistency and efficiencies across all Salesforce Orgs.

ComplianceSeal products are used by Federal agencies to safeguard their critical information from insider threats, accidental leaks, and malicious attacks.

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