Collibra Solutions for the Public Sector

Collibra delivers the only end-to-end, integrated Data Intelligence platform that's purpose-built to automate data workflows and deliver trusted data insights to users.

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is the system of record for data. The platform is open and extensible, with an enterprise security and stability approach that meets customer standards for reliability, privacy, and compliance. The Collibra Platform and the products built on top help enterprises use their data to achieve meaningful business outcomes.

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud products include:

  • Collibra Data Catalog

    Empowers business users to discover, understand and access trusted data when they need it, so they can generate impactful insights that drive business outcomes.

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  • Collibra Data Governance

    Helps organizations accelerate digital transformation by ensuring that all data citizens understand and can find meaning in their data. Through automated governance and stewardship tasks, businesses can continue to trust their data while they grow.

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  • Collibra Data Lineage

    Provides complete transparency into data by automatically mapping relationships between data to show how it moves from system to system and how data sets are built, sourced and used, providing complete, end-to-end lineage visualization.

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  • Collibra Data Privacy

    Gives enterprises the ability to operationalize and manage data privacy policies across the privacy lifecycle, and scale compliance for multiple regulations from a single system.

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  • Collibra Data Quality & Observability

    Show your data some love by putting quality at the heart of your data strategy. Collibra Data Quality & Observability proactively surface quality issues in real-time and makes reliable and accurate data readily available so you can drive intelligent and informed decisions.

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