CloudFrame Solutions for the Public Sector

  • CloudFrame Relocate

    CloudFrame Relocate™ provides an automated, incremental approach to reduce COBOL compute costs that can save you millions in MSU and MLC fees.

    CloudFrame Relocate cross-compiles COBOL to Java putting you in control. This automated tool allows you to move COBOL workloads from expensive mainframe general-purpose processors (GPP) to lower-cost platforms like zIIP or private and public cloud environments like AWS, Azure, and GCP in as little as three (3) months with no disruption to your existing environ- ment. No changes to data access or integrations are necessary.

    With CloudFrame Relocate, organizations can take an incremental, application by application approach to their mainframe COBOL com- pute cost reduction initiatives.

    Benefits of CloudFrame Relocate:

    CloudFrame Relocate’s primary benefit is a reduction in mainframe MSU consumption, which reduces costs. Additional benefits include.

    Incremental — You’re in control; move workloads to zIIP or a cloud platform at your pace

    Fast — Automated conversion and generation lead to results in as little as 3 months

    Low Risk — Control what is transformed, leave what remains as is Backward Compatibility — No disruption to existing data and processes Functional and Data Equivalence — Guaranteed 100% identical result

  • CloudFrame Renovate

    CloudFrame Renovate™ is the automation-driven COBOL to cloud-native Java transformation tool for organizations that want a fast, precise, and reduced risk path on their modernization journey.

    The resulting Java code is ready to be maintained and managed by your existing developers utilizing industry standard DevOps processes and tools. CloudFrame Renovate™ generated Java code is high quality (SonarQube A Rated) and will generate identical data results — GUARANTEED.

    CloudFrame Renovate™ migrates COBOL code to cloud-native Java quickly, without compromising quality, precision, or performance.

    Benefits of CloudFrame Renovate™

    Incremental — You’re in control; move COBOL applications at your pace

    Fast — Fully automated transformation (both code generation and testing) leading to results fast

    High Quality — 3rd party validated quality Java code is DevOps ready. No JOBOL here!

    Configurable Tool Set — Calibrate based on your unique attributes for the generated Java code

    Functional and Data Equivalence — Identical results guaranteed!