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Computer Telephony Integration System for the Public Sector

CloudCaller.io provides public sector organizations a Best-in-Class all-in-one Unified Communications Open CTI solution for all your Video, Phone, SMS & Chat communication needs right within your Salesforce CRM. CloudCaller.io uses Twilio’s communication platform to provide comprehensive, secure, high quality and low cost communication services, including the latest in communications technology. Plus, IBM Watson for AI analysis of key communication activities. CloudCaller.io is FEDRamp and HIPPA compliant and offers enterprise grade security and hosting, and ease of integration into existing infrastructure.

Work From Anywhere on Any Device

One intuitive solution with video, voice, messaging and collaboration tools for Web and Mobile.


Why is CloudCaller.io is the Best-in-Class Solution?


  • ​Benefits of 100% native to Salesforce
    • CTI: Supports CTI All-in-One Unified Communications Solution
    • Security: Enterprise-grade security
    • Records: Comprehensive record keeping
    • Data: All Customer data is stored in Salesforce
    • Hosting: Hosted by Salesforce delivering real-time updates
    • Performance: 100% Synchronized reliable and scalable hosting platform
  • ​Industry-Leading Communication Network

    Industry-leading Communication Network

    The CloudCaller.io solution uses the Twilio communication platform to provide comprehensive, secure, high quality and low cost communication services, and up to date communications technology at all times.

  • ​Best-in-Class Technology partners
    • Salesforce – #1 CRM
    • Twilio – Industry Leading Network
    • IBM Watson – Cutting Edge AI
    • Carahsoft – Leading Public Sector IT Integrator
    • Software Next Door – Leading software developer
  • ​Industry Leading Features
    • Video & Voice Conference Capabilities
      • Scales to large-scale conference calls
      • Conduct video and voice conference calls on desktop and mobile
      • Store participants call notes & recording IDs in Salesforce
    • Call Recording Management
      • Ensures compliance with applicable legal requirements
      • Manage the creation, naming, storing, searching, retrieving and deleting of call recordings
      • Download recordings to your internal storage and delete
    • Plus, the Power of AI
      • IBM Watson creates accurate transcriptions of call recordings
      • IBM Watson powerful AI analytics on all key communication activities
  • ​Improves Team Productivity

    Improve Team Productivity

    CloudCaller.io Offers 50+ features to increase your team productivity such as click-to-connect communications, real-time call logging, call dispositions and audio recording all written to Salesforce in secure and easily retrievable way.

  • ​FedRAMP Compliance
    • FedRAMP Compliant Cloud Platform: Runs on FedRAMP Salesforce Compliant Cloud
    • HIPPA Compliant Communications: Uses Salesforce Cloud and Twilio Secure Communication Systems
  • ​Rapid Implementation
    • 100% Remote: Remote team provides rapid deployment, in as little as 1 day, and high quality low cost ongoing support.
    • Cloud-based: Cloud-Based provides enterprise-grade security and can scale as needed.
    • Low Capital Investment: CloudCaller.io does not require large capital expenditures and provides a clear path to upgrade to new technologies without costly new investments.
    • Experienced Expert Salesforce Engineers: Experienced Salesforce App developers with a deep understanding of Salesforce platform for Lightning and Classic.
    • Expert Cloud & Telecom Engineers: Experienced telecommunication developers with a deep understanding of cloud-based solutions.
    • Expert Support Engineers: Excellent ongoing remote technical support capabilities.
    • Customizable Solution: We understand the need to offer a flexible cost-effective solution tailored to your needs. Our team is able to offer any needed new functionality to the combined CRM and CloudCaller.io solution.

Carahsoft is a preferred reseller partner for CloudCaller.io, enabling public sector agencies to buy CloudCaller.io Products through preferred contracting vehicles.