ClearInsight Solutions provides a web-based governance framework that drives compliant behavior within an enterprise's IT, telecom, and wireless service delivery lifecycle. We provide the proper visibility and actionable business intelligence to identify detailed service usage and costs and areas for opportunity improvement as requirements change to align with the needs of the business

ClearInsight’s solution has been constructed to provide stakeholders with the enhanced capability to improve the financial and operational resourcing of their enterprise’s IT assets and services. Accordingly, the solution is guided by the following fundamentals:

  • Deliver an understanding of assets and services through comprehensive actionable intelligence
  • Serve as an audit-ready platform for repeatable governance and accountability
  • Identify areas for operational and cost improvements

At the core of our solution, we transform disparate lifecycle information into comprehensive actionable business intelligence that delivers the decision support to optimize service initiatives. Specifically, our cloud based lifecycle intelligence provides a holistic view of each IT asset and service, identifying attributes, such as:

  • Their physical and financial makeup, and relationship to other assets and services
  • Who pays for them (in a charge-back or customer funded environment),
  • Who uses them and where they are located
  • How they are used and how critical they are to operations, and the agency’s mission
  • When they are used and does usage history reveal opportunities for improvement


  • Integrated Business Intelligence for Technology Services (iBITS)

    · iBITS is a cutting-edge US Federal technology business management system that provides agency CIO’s complete visibility into all information technology cost and the ability to formulate budgets, track funding, and report expenditures to all stakeholders throughout the agency and in support of statutory accountability requirements to the Office of Budget and Management (OMB).

    iBITS offers the department stakeholders with the decision support to understand, align, and control the interrelated budget, funding, and cost recovery impact of IT assets and services procured and deployed by the agency.

    Our technology business management solution solves this problem by enabling the CIO’s Resource Management functions to establish a ‘single point of truth’ database and manage the full lifecycle (from procurement through retirement) of all CIO responsible IT software, hardware, and services.

    Once implemented iBITS produces an ‘audit ready’ record of CIO procured assets and services. This new database becomes a centralized, controlled information store containing all CIO planned and actual costs; ‘recovery’ and offset funding for all sources of funds: Appropriations, Working Capital Funds; and inter-agency funds; and produces an on-demand view of the agency’s Spend Plan. The agency is also able to classify and report all costs under the US Government Council of CIO’s newly adopted cost tracking and reporting taxonomy, making the monthly, quarterly and annual reporting requirements as simple as running a report.

  • Integrated Telecom Expense Management Solution (iTEMS)

    · iTEMS helps Federal agencies mitigate challenges associated with migration from legacy telecom service contracts to the new Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contracts, thereby facilitating network modernization and helping manage telecom budgets throughout the transition and after completion.

    iTEMS provides a fully integrated telecom expense and inventory management platform that allows real-time management of wireline and wireless services. iTEMS integrates with ServiceNow and EIS solutions providers to provide agencies with complete lifecycle management of telecom products and services. Key features of the platform include order management, inventory reconciliation and management, invoice and payment management, contract cataloguing, and physical service verification capabilities. Through its sophisticated analytics processing, the iTEMS solution enables government agencies to dramatically reduce telecom costs, evaluate modernization efforts and increase visibility of all telecom products and services. In addition, implementation of the iTEMS platform helps agencies achieve their small and disadvantaged business goals.


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