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Virtualized & Centralized Desktop Infrastructure Solutions for Government

ClearCube Technology is a USA-based manufacturer that specializes in creating innovative centralized computing and desktop virtualization solutions. ClearCube’s dominant presence at 1000s of federal and commercial locations is based on our ability to meet mission needs from cost savings, security, and product scope perspectives, which have led to widespread adoption of ClearCube zero clients, thin clients, blade PCs, and VDI compute/storage solutions for centralization and virtualization initiatives.

ClearCube Technology is an American technology leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization, developing secure VDI endpoints, Blade PCs, and workstations to help many of the world's largest organizations and government agencies embrace their digital transformation.

Zero Clients

PCoIP Zero Clients

Clear the cube and forget the bulk, security risks, energy costs, desk-diving, duplicate software licensing, and manageability nightmares of the PC world without sacrificing performance. ClearCube offers the widest selection of PCoIP Zero Client options in the VDI market, providing you with optimized configurations for traditional computing and VMware deployments.

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Fiber & Copper Zero Clients

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Enhance the Performance of your Zero Client with ClearCube accessories.

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  • What is a zero client?

    Zero Clients are stateless, easy-to-manage, dependable, and secure endpoints with little to no processing, memory or local storage. Featuring a purpose-built chipset only 256-bit encrypted pixels are transmitted to the user’s desktop to deliver a rich user experience and high-performance access to the desktop and applications whether it’s a local machine, virtual machine or cloud instance.

  • Zero Client Key Advantages

    1. Improved data and hardware security by removing local disks to minimize opportunities for theft and misuse

    2. Delivers a full-quality computing experience to VMware Horizon® desktops and PCoIP® Blade PC workstations

    3. Extensive authentication and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities

    4. Provides high-performance multimedia and 4K graphics

    5. AES 256-bit encryption, with Suite B Ciphers

    6. Lower maintenance and licensing costs than Thin clients

    7. Improves IT support , resource control, workflow agility and Scalability (effortless MAC)

    8. Immune to bugs, viruses and malware attacks.

    9. TAA-Compliant

    10. Fits in ClientCubes. ClearCube's Multiple levels of security KVM solutions

  • Zero Client Key Features

    1. Zero operating system, zero local storage, zero drivers

    2. Fiber or copper network connectors

    3. Integrated smart card reader/SIPR token

    4. Up to Four DVI or DisplayPort connectors

    5. Up to four 1920 × 1200 full motion video display, two 2K displays or one 4K display at 30FPS

    6. Metal or Plastic enclosure

    7. Kensington slot to use with Kensington lock

    8. Add-On accessories:
    • 7 USB port module Add-on
    • DVD Player/Carriage Tray
    • Mounting Bracket

Why ClearCube for Zero Clients

ClearCube zero clients provide:

Fiber optic and copper network connections

Dual, triple, and quad-display configurations

Integrated smart card readers (PKI-approved CAC/SIPRnet)

Support AES256-bit encryption

Up to six integrated full-power USB ports (up to 12 with add-on module)

Durable metal enclosures to tolerate rough use, and feature additional EMI shielding to meet secure facility requirements


Many ClearCube Zero Clients are uniquely designed with durable metal enclosures to tolerate rough use and feature additional EMI shielding to meet secure facility requirements. All Zero Clients feature the latest Teradici chips that support AES256-bit encryption and up to 2650 × 1600 resolutions.

All ClearCube models are TAA compliant and have the industry’s only no-charge, advanced replacement warranty (to CONUS locations) to minimize down time. Multiple Level Security and TEMPEST Zero Clients are available.


Specialty Zero Clients

Specialty Zero Clients

For high security sites, ClearCube has developed a family of specialty zero clients that includes four multiple level security ClientCube zero clients, and Level 1 and Level 2 TEMPEST-certified Desktop Bundles.

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Small footprints multiple level security solution.

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Tempest Desktop Bundles
Designed to meet increasingly stringent security mandates for desktop computing devices, ClearCube Technology offers Level 1 and Level 2 TEMPEST certified Zero Clients.

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ClearCube enhances ClientCube NET-4 and NET-8 security and control with these accessories.

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Why ClearCube for Specialty Zero Clients

We adapt advanced technology and standard, off-the-shelf products to meet unique customer requirements. Examples of specialized ClearCube zero client features include:

ClientCube multi-level security solution

Various military camouflage coatings

Legacy DB-9 (DE-9) serial connectors

Ultra-secure, TEMPEST certified zero clients

Thin Clients

Thin Clients

Enjoy the advanced functionality, peripheral support, rendering support, dynamic connectivity, and smooth experience your users expect from a PC in a virtual desktop environment. ClearCube Cloud Desktop (CD) Thin Clients provide all the benefits of standard PCs with increased security; no noise; less heat; and significantly smaller space, energy, and cooling requirements.

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Fiber & Copper Thin Clients

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DTi5722 NUC Mini PC

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  • What is a Thin Client?

    A Thin Client is a lightweight, low-cost device which derives support from a server to perform IT functions. Features such as applications, data and memory found in PCs are stored in a secure data center when using this endpoint. It is designed to help end users access virtualized desktops and applications in VDI environments. Combining these devices with back end hardware and software services leads to the creation of the Thin Client Computing model. The flexibility, security and manageability benefits of Thin Clients are major reasons for its rising adoption in the digital era.

  • Thin Client Key Advantages

    1. Low-cost endpoint devices, starting at $129.

    2. Multi-Protocol - Supports VMware® Horizon with Blast Extreme, CITRIX® HDX, Microsoft® RDP, and more.

    3. Greater Flexibility than zero clients: supports multiple OS options including Win IoT, Igel, Cloud Desktop, among others, Local drivers, and peripheral helpers.

    4. Remote Management from Centralized Location

    5. Provides a seamless desktop experience with e-mail clients, browsers, office or PDF viewers, and connectivity to legacy client-server apps.

    6. Ruggedized Industrial Thin Clients available to provide IP40 dust-proof rating

    7. Compact form factor reduces desktop footprint

  • Thin Client Key Features

    1. Intel or AMD X86-based processors

    2. Up to 8GB of RAM

    3. Up to 64GB of storage

    4. Multiple display connector options available (DisplayPort, HDMI, micro-HDMI or VGA)

    5. Up to 7 USB ports

    6. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (optional)

    7. Fiber network connector and Smart Card support on CD8842/44 model

    8. COM port support on CD8815 and CD8840 for industrial use cases

PCoIP Blade PCs

PCoIP Blade PCs

Virtualization is the future: secure, centralized, and efficient. However, some users require a dedicated machine that does not depend on shared processing, memory, and storage. Our purpose built, 1-to-1 machines deliver many benefits of virtualization without complex layering, adjustments, verification and management issues. We developed the blade PC category, and since then we’ve been fine-tuning our designs to ensure the absolute fastest
datacenter-to-desktop connection.

Choose the PCoIP Blade PCs that fits your needs



Blade PCs

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Easily install and secure you Blades PCs with ClearCube Accessories.
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Why ClearCube for PCoIP Blade PCs

We design, develop and assemble the most sophisticated blade PCs in Austin, TX, USA. That means you get custom built, TAA compliant hardware and infrastructure solutions that support your unique IT environment.

Want personal support from our Austin headquarters? Done. How about 3-year advanced warranty support? You got it. That’s the ClearCube way, and that’s why we’ve been the chosen partner on some of the military’s most challenging IT demands for over a decade.

PCoIP Host Cards

PCoIP Host Card Kits

ClearCube® PCoIP® Host Cards deliver stunning high definition dual- and quad-monitor video performance. The V5400-series host cards use powerful Teradici® PCoIP processors for intelligent video, audio, and USB delivery—secure and encrypted—from remote servers, workstations, and PCs to remote client devices. You can now provision your existing compute resources with the high-performance video card that is standard in ClearCube Blades and Workstations.

ClearCube integrates V5440 in A-Series, M-Series, and R-Series Blades and Workstations to deliver full 1920 × 1200 resolution on up to four monitors, or 2560 × 1600 resolution on up to two monitors. ClearCube Blades and Workstations are purpose-built for V5420 and V5440 Host Cards with mounting, cooling, and cable connections designed to optimize space and minimize deployment effort.
For installation in third-party PCs and workstations, V5400-series Host Cards require only a free ×1 PCIe slot, a video card (GPU), or a system with integrated graphics and video out (DP®, MiniDP, HDMI®, or DVI port) Card.

Choose the PCoIP Host Card that fits your needs

V5422 PCoIP Dual-monitor Host Card Kit

  • Low profile bracket
  • V5420 PCoIP Host Card
  • PCoIP Host Card power button cable
  • 2 Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables or 2 Mini DisplayPort to Single DVI cables
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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V5442 PCoIP Quad-monitor Host Card Kit

  • Low profile bracket
  • V5440 PCoIP Host Card
  • PCoIP Host Card power button cable
  • 4 Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables or 4 Mini DisplayPort to Single DVI cables
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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Client Drawer

Client Drawer can be installed in the Datacenter with any ClearCube-built client inside up to 10 clients to help consolidate the cabling nightmare in the datacenter.


Client Drawer
A Secure, Rack Mounted Solution for up to 10 Devices in a 4U Chassis

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  • Put 10 Clients in a 4U rack space in the secure data center
  • Integrate Virtual Machines and PCoIP in deployments using KVM Extension technology
  • Harden security by locating the computing resources inside a secure data center
  • Provides true EMP shielding by replacing copper cabling with fiber optic cabling at the desktop
  • Provides exceptional video and graphics over fiber optic cabling to users, video walls, and more



Cloud Desktop OS with Management

Extend the life of your hardware: secure OS turns any device into a thin client. Browser-based Management Suite for comprehensive administration.

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Teradici® All Access Plans

Teradici® All Access plans are a complete set of remoting solutions for knowledge workers and power users across a wide range of vertical markets.

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Blog Posts



The Benefits of Virtual Desktop Solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) involves facilitating access to a user desktop in a virtual machine (VM) that runs on a remote server. This technology stores desktop workloads in the VM so that users can interact with the OS through a remote display protocol. 
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Top 5 Workloads that Should Be Moved to the Cloud Right Now

As our world adopts more virtualization, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and improved technology, companies are aiming to move higher percentages of workloads to the cloud. 
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Thin Clients vs. Thick Clients

One comparison that many companies must engage with in order to home in on the solution that is right for them is thin clients vs thick clients. Understanding what these endpoints are and how they are different from one another is essential to creating your company’s virtualization plan.  
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Work from Anywhere with VDI

At ClearCube it doesn’t matter to us if you want to use the cloud, your own data center or private cloud, or a combination of both for a hybrid opportunity. What we do is help you with your endpoint device solutions that your employees are using.
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What are the Different Elements of Cloud Computing?

'What is cloud computing', a question which both technically informed and non-tech savvy companies often ask. In this discussion, we will look at what cloud computing is and the elements which make it such a successful solution today.
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Why VMware Blast Extreme for Your Virtual Desktop Environment

An Introduction to VMware Blast Extreme Developed by VMware for VDI, Blast Extreme is remote display technology in Horizon 7 which supports H.264-capable client devices and specializes in handling graphics-intensive virtual workloads.
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The Importance of Tailoring the Perfect Thin Client Solution for Your VDI Setup

Thin clients are lightweight endpoint devices which connect to the data center hosting the virtual desktop. Users are increasingly shifting towards thin client solutions for VDI due to the benefits of installing, running and maintaining such computer devices.
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The Benefits of PCoIP versus H.264 Protocols

PCoIP is an innovative multi-codec remote display technology designed to streamline performance under varying network conditions with remarkable versatility.
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The Real Difference Between Thin Clients and Zero Clients

Basics of Thin/Zero/Zero+ Clients, compares/contrasts and explains benefits , operational/remote work capabilities. Highlights that they are very similar but thin clients are more flexible and zero clients are more secure.
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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Implement CDI: PCoIP Blade PCs [Part 2]

Cloud capabilities and relevance especially now with COVID. Goes into detail about the top four benefits of incorporating Cloud Technology w/WFH solutions: Seamless Access, End-to-End Security, Unmatched Scalability, Business Continuity During COVID-19.
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Accelerating Digital Transformation During COVID-19

Defines digital transformation and goes into detail about its benefits/parts and how organizations should be using them (cybersecurity, automation, business partnerships & VDI)
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Working From Home With Cloud Technology

Overall solutions ClearCube offers, how we can help/why us, ClientCube multilevel security solutions/functions/benefits, IT sustainability, PCoIP Zero Clients
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Why ClearCube for Multiple Independent Secure Networks

Overall solutions ClearCube offers, how we can help/why us, ClientCube multilevel security solutions/functions/benefits, IT sustainability, PCoIP Zero Clients
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Past Events, Webinars & Trainings



Case Study

ClearCube Case Study
A brilliant example of a collaborative technology project that delivers on all fronts — increased security, performance, reliability, resilience and doing a lot more with less.

ClearCube Case Study
Customers rely on ClearCube for solutions to mission-critical desktop problems – the need for High Availability, High Security, and Improved Interoperability.

ClearCube Case Study
Solution for one of the nation's top architecture and engineering firms.


ClearCube Datasheet


Helping Agencies Overcome IT Challenges

ClearCube Technology is an innovative technology leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization, developing specialized VDI endpoints, Blade PCs, and VDI software for highly specialized users. Many of the world’s largest organizations and government agencies (DoD, DHS, and DoE) rely on C...

Solutions Brief

ClearCube Solutions Brief
ClearCube Powering State-of-Art Solutions for Trading Floors.

ClearCube Solutions Brief
ClearCube‘s PC Blade solutions solve the many IT challenges of today’s health care environments by removing the PC from the patient rooms and place them in the data center. The Benefits are clear.

ClearCube Solutions Brief
Technology enhancements by ClearCube address key issues for professional engineers and designers who use CAD/CAM/3D/Simulation and Geospatial applications that demand full graphics capabilities. These advancements provide incredible performance experience from secure zero clients connected to remote...


Recent technology enhancements by ClearCube address key issues for CAD/CAM /Geospatial users that want full graphics capabilities at their displays from engineering workstations located in their remote datacenters. We call this CDI -- Centralized Desktop Infrastructure.