Clarifai Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Scribe Label

    A data labeling platform or fully managed data labeling service that uses AI automation to speed productivity of high-quality training datasets by 100x with 10x less data needed. Recently released are new features for video labeling, polygon-interpolation, and task review for large workforces.

  • Scribe LabelForce

    Fully Managed data labeling services

  • Spacetime Search
  • Enlight Train

    A rich suite of pre-trained models used to train and produce highly accurate custom models with support for a variety of different training types such as transfer learning and deep training. Custom model training can be done from a simple portal UI or through APIs. Neural networks can be built in minutes as complexities are abstracted away, exposing only the “key” essentials.

  • Enlight ModelForce

    Custom model development services.

  • Armada Predict

    A tool that analyzes the unstructured image, video, and text data using multiple prediction types to gain insights with fast time-to-accuracy. The tool can manage thousands of model instances simultaneously, so that AI model deployment is effortless. Just released last week is Armada’s new logo detector, weapons detector, and a general text token classifier detector.

  • Mesh Workflows

    An architecture that connects AI model “building blocks” to perform complex operations on data, express complex business logic, and build solutions that target specific business needs. Mesh handles multi-modal AI workflows, automated data annotation, and event triggers. New workflows just released to Mesh last week include a face detection workflow and Object Character Recognition (OCR) workflows for scene detection and document detection.

  • Flare

    An Edge AI platform that accelerates intelligent video applications from streaming, decoding, batching, and inference to on-screen display/metadata output. Flare features a secure air-gapped deployment option and high accuracy for object detection and tracking.