Media targeting, distribution, & monitoring service for the Public sector

Cision is an end-to-end suite of technology and human-powered Comms solutions that allow more than 100,000 PR and Marketing & Communications professionals to understand, influence, and amplify their stories, at scale, globally.

Since 1867, Cision has invested in building in-house expertise and intentionally acquired complementary best-in-class technologies that allow us to stay at the cutting edge of the global media landscape.

Cision partners with the public sector to provide the technology, data, processes, and services to amplify the reach of its messages. Cision helps organize, execute and measure the earned media workflow from insights into critical messages, finding and building relationships with journalists, amplifying press releases through distribution, and measuring reach and resonance. When there is information to release to the public, Cision is there to make the entire process seamless and easy, from planning to reporting.

Whether it’s a public relations campaign or a crisis, communications managers have the tools to identify what is happening, quickly communicate with key contacts, and deliver their message to their audience.