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Chooch and Carahsoft have partnered together to provide a series of self-guided tours of Chooch's products and features. Similar to a live demo, the self-guided tours explores how Chooch's products and features applies to a specific technology vertical such as Artificial Intelligence.


Learn about Chooch's benefits, watch a short pre-recorded demo video, and download related resources. If interested in furthering the conversation, you can also schedule a live demo with a Chooch expert from Carahsoft. Start a Self-Guided Tour now by selecting one below: 


Chooch Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

Chooch Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

Chooch AI is a Full-Stack Visual AI Platform equipped with native analytical tools for enhanced image and visual intelligence processing. It transforms data from images or videos into actionable information, facilitating better decision-making and situational awareness. The platform offers features such as action and zone alerts, activity heat maps, pattern-of-life change detection, multiple object and group tracking, and a rules engine for temporal, presence, and proximity analyses. Chooch AI includes object geocoding for crucial analytical information supporting machine-to-machine tasking and human-on-the-loop decision making.

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Edge Inference Engine

Lightweight, containerized software designed for optimal resource utilization for real-time visual data processing and generating insights instantly at the edge. Seamlessly integrates with existing cameras and edge infrastructure, facilitating rapid processing and analysis of video streams.


  • Easily deployed in real world environments at the edge
  • Ready to use right out of the box with all necessary software preloaded
  • Compatible with current infrastructure allowing for immediate deployment for faster insights on video streams
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AI Vision Platform

AI-Lifecyle platform that utilizes the capabilities of Computer Vision, AI and Generative AI technologies to enable businesses to automate tasks, leveraging cameras, imagery and text for real-time insights to improve decision-making.


  • This platform offers a full lifecycle computer vision solution, dramatically expands how visual recognition can be created, implemented, deployed and measured
  • Includes pre-trained models tailored for commonly utilized AI vision tasks in various industries, leading to quicker insights
  • Chooch AI's platform refines image recognition by learning from video and data patterns, enhancing accuracy continually, day by day
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Generative AI technology that empowers contextual searches across image, document and video inputs, to uncover granular details and recognize subtle nuances. By automating queries, businesses can gather real-time actionable data insights faster and with greater accuracy.


  • ImageChat enables you to swiftly attain a more profound comprehension of your visual data, with increased speed and heightened precision
  • Cut costs and optimize resources by minimizing the time spent on manual data reviews
  • Customers are able to automate routine video and image review tasks at scale
  • ImageChat allows you to reduce data preparation and labeling time

Chooch's Benefits Snapshot:


  • Significantly decreases visual intelligence processing times from minutes to seconds.
  • Consolidates all necessary tools in a one-stop shop, eliminating reliance on third-party data processing tools such as dataset generation, annotation, model training and more.
  • Harnesses visual data insights to deliver continuous and proactive awareness for all information-based situations along with a federated edge network to secure critical data.

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