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Identity & Access Management Solutions for the Public Sector

Virtually every agency and organization today has migrated to some form of PKI to protect its assets, be they data, buildings, or people. With this enormous increase in the use of high assurance credentials have come large numbers of credential issuers. CertiPath’s tools leverage and vastly extend the investment in high assurance credentials. The CertiPath tools, TrustManager, TrustValidator, and TrustMonitor, compliment the federated trust fabric to insure valid identity, network protection, risk mitigation, and situation awareness.

The CertiPath tools provide the ability to predict and identify the mitigation for events that would have an extreme negative impact on the network. These tools address vulnerabilities that exist in the network today and in combination provide a layered secured approach to decrease not only detection time but also response. Identities have a significant effect on your data’s security; holding those identities to the highest level of validation provides the basis of trust within your network. Understanding the validity of every credential before your organization relies on it and, importantly, the validity of those who issued it, in real time every time, is the minimum due care standard in our interconnected world.