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Identity and Trust Fabric Protection

Virtually every agency and organization has migrated to using some form of PKI to protect its physical assets, data, and personnel. The use of high-assurance credentials has grown exponentially and so has the number of credential issuers. Identities have a significant effect on an entity’s data security; holding those identities to the highest level of validation provides the basis of trust within a network. Verifying the validity of every credential, every time and in real time, before an entity relies on it and verifying the validity of the credential issuer is integral to network security. This belief is the foundation of CertiPath's products.

CertiPath’s TrustMonitorTM tool provides the ability to monitor, analyze, and detect misplaced online trust due to improperly used, expired, or compromised credentials. The product helps entities predict breaks in the trust fabric and determine how to mitigate events that would endanger their networks.