Certes Networks is the leader in developing scalable security solutions for high performance networks. We provide advanced multi-layer encryption and policy and key management solutions for securing wide area networks, and enable secure connectivity to private and public clouds. Certes Networks helps organizations improve security, decrease risk, and reduce the cost of compliance with data privacy regulations while enabling high performance and secure connectivity to critical infrastructures in the branch office, data center or in the cloud.

Our solutions provide standards based encryption and authentication. They are quick to install, easy to manage, and virtually latency free.


Certes Networks Products include:

  • Data Center Security
  • Government Solutions
  • MPLS Encryption
  • Multi-Carrier WAN Encryption
  • PCI Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • SCADA & Smart Grid Security
  • Secure LAN Extension
  • Secure Zone Architecture
  • Video & VoIP Encryption