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Celonis is the market leader in Process Mining and Execution Management with our EMS Platform (Execution Management Platform). This platform is system, data and process agnostic and seamlessly integrates into any IT ecosystem. The platform is made up of five core components that provide governments an unparalleled real-time access to know, measure and act.

  1. Read Time Data Ingestion component lets you connect to relevant processes and user data in your underlying source systems and desktops to understand your operations objectively. It allows you to gather time-stamped event logs from operational systems and quickly and security transform that data into process models.
  2. Process & Task Mining: using AI and in-memory patented databases to sift through terabytes of system, process and desktop user data, Process & Task Mining creates a "Digital Twin" of your organization. It identifies which execution gaps have the biggest impact on your execution capacity and triggers real-time actions to eliminate those gaps.
  3. Planning & Simulation capability allows business users to simulate the full impact of changes in their processes and lets users evaluate all their optimization scenarios for the best business decisions.
  4. Visual and Daily Management capability automatically creates standard analyses for every data set, providing a strong starting point to deep dive into processes and gain immediate insights. These include Process Overview, Process Explorer, Case Explorer and Conformance Checker.
  5. Action Flows transform identified insights and recommendation into actions by facilitating direct and automatic execution in source systems and applications. The EMS Action Flows enables automatic execution of actions within a source system (e.g. SAP, Outlook, Salesforce)

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