C3 is the world’s leading AI and IoT software platform provider for digital transformation. C3 delivers a comprehensive and proven platform as a service (PaaS) for the rapid design, development, and deployment of large-scale AI, predictive analytics, and IoT applications for any enterprise value chain in any industry.

At the core of the C3 IoT offering is the revolutionary C3 Type System—an extensible, model-driven architecture that dramatically enhances data scientist and application developer productivity while future-proofing applications against underlying IT evolution.

C3 also offers configurable SaaS products that drive significant economic benefits including predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sensor network health, inventory optimization, supply network risk, energy management, and customer engagement.


C3 Platform

  • C3 Type System

    At the heart of the C3 Platform is the C3 Type System, a data object-centric abstraction layer that binds the various C3 Platform components, including infrastructure and services.

  • Data Integration

    Infrastructure and tools required to rapidly, securely, and cost effectively integrate enterprise and extraprise data into the C3 Platform.

  • Data Science

    An enterprise Data Science platform that brings application development and data science disciplines together. Accelerate the development and operation of AI / machine learning in the enterprise.

  • Application Development

    A suite of powerful application development and data science tools for building, deploying, and maintaining enterprise IoT applications on the C3 Platform.

  • Platform Services

    A comprehensive suite of services mediated through the C3 Type System. Platform services include data persistence, batch and stream processing, time series normalization, auto-scaling, data encryption, role-based access control, AI / machine learning services, and more.

  • Data Processing

    Centrally managed data processing pipelines accelerated by auto-scaling cloud compute infrastructure deliver faster processing speeds and stability - without the complexity.

  • Security

    Security, confidentiality, integrity, and application availability are vital to the success of customer business operations. C3 meets these requirements by delivering a unified, cohesive product suite through a scalable and secure hosting model.

C3 Applications

  • C3 Predictive Maintenance

    Use machine learning algorithms integrated with business processes to prioritize equipment maintenance and maximize uptime.

  • C3 Inventory Optimization

    Use enterprise-scale AI / machine learning to optimize inventory and service levels across millions of parts in real-time.

  • C3 Energy Management

    Reduce building operating expenditure using AI / machine learning algorithms that detect and act on savings opportunities.

  • C3 Sensor Health

    Ensure the operational health and optimal deployment of IoT sensor devices with machine learning.

  • C3 Fraud Detection

    Safeguard revenues by utilizing AI / machine learning to target fraudulent activity and streamline investigations.

  • C3 CRM

    Leverage AI / machine learning to improve profitability and consistency across sales, marketing, and customer service.

  • C3 Enterprise Data Lake

    A comprehensive development and operating environment for rapid data integration, preparation, governance, and exploration of large volumes of heterogeneous data.