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iPaaS Enhancing Public Sector Efficiency

Boomi, the leader in iPaaS, is committed to helping public sector organizations connect mission-critical applications to advance information flow, improve citizen services, and increase operational effectiveness. The secure and compliant Boomi integration software enables your organization to modernize legacy infrastructure and harness the power of the cloud to overcome today’s challenges for tomorrow’s innovation.

Benefits of Cloud Integration

Bridge the Gap Between Legacy Systems and Modern Cloud Apps

Invest in your organization's IT infrastructure by securely integrating data sources, applications and devices to the cloud and break silos and create seamless data flows. Boomi cloud integration platform improves both employee and citizen experiences. Transform how you accomplish your agency's mission with Boomi iPaaS. The cloud integration platform provides added benefits to your agency's IT foundation.

Accelerate Cloud Integration

Speed adoption to the cloud to boost operational efficiency, implement shared services to foster collaboration, and increase engagement between employees, citizens, and communities.

Deliver Trusted Data

Connect diverse data sources, ensure data quality and governance, and consolidate for comprehensive analytics to make strategic, operational and legislative decisions.

Innovate for Citizens and Partners

Allow agencies to connect with federal organizations, suppliers, and state and local governments for greater efficiencies and productivity.

Consolidate and Migrate Applications

Deploy a modern IT foundation and digitally transform operations, ensuring proper connectivity and smooth data exchange when applications and infrastructure are migrated and consolidated.

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