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From The Frontlines To Your Property Lines:
Scalable Protection in Any Environment

The Argus perimeter security system is a comprehensive turnkey solution that features an adaptive RF and optical mesh network of sensors to provide physical security, intrusion detection, and access control.

Originally developed for U.S. defense agencies and front-line warfighters, the ARGUS platform now fits within the industrial sectors while retaining its original objective as a rapidly deployable, constantly evolving, physical security system. Above all, ARGUS provides reliable unattended protection and monitoring for commercial, government and critical infrastructure.

The ARGUS perimeter security system is:

  • DURABLE – built to withstand harsh environments
  • SELF-HEALING – automatically self-heals to prevent any gaps
  • RAPIDLY DEPLOYABLE – install (and operationalize) one mile of ARGUS perimeter in one day
  • PORTABLE – compact and light weight, suitable for backpack transport to remote locations
  • EXPANDABLE – user interface and monitor through desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone
  • RECONFIGURABLE – flexible, customizable nodes to meet operational requirements
  • SCALABLE – Secure hotspots or deploy to cover miles of perimeter
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – reduces personnel needed to maintain a safe perimeter


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