Bishop Fox Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Cosmos

    Cosmos is the next generation of perimeter protection, combining attack surface management with expert-driven validation and testing to help security teams identify and remediate dangerous exposures before attackers can exploit them.

  • Application Security Services

    We cover the full spectrum of application security testing. From application design processes to deep source code review, we’ll help you build safer apps, ensure compliance, and up-level DevSecOps. Our portfolio of services includes:

    • Application Penetration Testing: In-depth application penetration testing goes well beyond discovering vulnerabilities to analyze the inner workings of your applications and identify critical issues, exposure points, and business logic flaws.
    • Mobile Application Assessment: In-depth static and dynamic analysis across iOS and Android devices that proactively identifies attack vectors and risks, including weaknesses across code, services, APIs, and more.
    • Architecture Security Assessment: Puts your applications and underlying security architecture under the microscope to illuminate critical flaws and identify systemic improvements that will enhance security controls and harden defenses.
    • Secure Code Review: Improves the overall security of code and eliminates flaws that fall into production using a combination of automated review and detailed human inspection that uncovers the full spectrum of security flaws, vulnerabilities, and business logic errors.
    • Threat Modeling: Proactively addresses security issues across the software development life cycle with in-depth analysis of application design, threats, and countermeasures that become integral to ongoing DevOps processes.
  • Cloud Penetration Testing

    Fortifies your cloud defenses with a complete testing methodology that extends beyond configuration reviews to illuminate high-risk entry points, overprivileged access, and susceptible internal pathways that are commonly targeted by attackers.

  • Network Security Services

    Our experts simulate real-world attack scenarios, delivering deep insight into how skilled adversaries could establish network access and susceptible internal pathways that could put sensitive systems and data at risk. Our Network Security Services include:

    • External Penetration Testing: Proactively identifies security holes replicating the same methods and exploits that a real-world adversary would use to gain an initial foothold within your network.
    • Internal Penetration Testing: Simulates the actions of malicious insiders executing covert techniques and exploits that demonstrate how an attacker could elevate access, compromise privileged accounts, and subvert security controls.
  • Red Team & Readiness

    Take on the attack scenarios that keep you up at night, sharpen your Blue Team's skills, and unlock the strategic value of Red Teaming- all with complete flexibility aligned to your security goals. By forming an understanding of your challenges, requirements, and goals, Bishop Fox works with you to define a Red Team engagement that meets the specific needs of your organization, offering a “building block” approach that can include any combination of the Red Team service methodologies. Our portfolio of Red Team and Readiness services includes:

    • Social Engineering: Goes beyond conventional phishing exercises to explore the depths of how hackers can exploit your users, empowering you with insights to improve your security awareness program and related controls like email and file security.
    • Incident Response Tabletop Exercise: Accurately evaluates incident response readiness by immersing your key stakeholders in realistic and customized threat scenarios designed specifically for your business.
    • Ransomware Readiness: Provides a thorough understanding of your organization’s level of preparation for ransomware threats by applying the latest intelligence, attacker TTPs, and Bishop Fox's world-class experience.

  • IoT & Produce Security Reviews

    Tests the security of interconnected devices using a multi-point testing methodology and cutting-edge tactics and techniques your devices will face in real-world scenarios. Accommodating an extensive range of products, our seasoned team of ethical hackers are skilled in compromising smart devices, consumer products, industrial control systems, IoT, and everything in between.