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Cyber Security for Military Networks with Multi-Tenanat Challenges

Campus networks on military bases connect a variety of critical networks, assets and buildings with a broad array of tenants, including military personnel and their families, vendors and other civilian staff. A typical military campus network supports administrative buildings, medical facilities, commissaries and exchanges, and other essential operations and facilities, such as electric and water utilities, and command and control centers. These multi-tenant environments present unique challenges for network administrators as tenants come and go, and often times a particular department requires an individualized configuration. In addition to the vulnerabilities resulting from these complex network topologies, the wealth of sensitive data and proprietary information makes campus networks a prime target for cyber security breaches.

Helping Government Agencies Become Secure by Default

Faced with aggressive state-sponsored cyber threat actors, the expanding Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and increasing budget scrutiny, government agencies need a new approach to improve security, efficiency, and resiliency for critical infrastructure. Tempered Networks provides a solution that addresses the fundamental vulnerabilities of IP-based communications with a completely different approach to cyber security. By cloaking critical infrastructure from attackers’ visibility, the solution stops attacks before they start, which provides federal agencies with a cost-effective and incredibly secure defense-in-depth model for protecting critical assets.

Secure M2M Cellular Connectivity

Tempered Network’s powerful orchestration engine simplifies the management and configuration of security policies to ensure error-free configuration, making it simple to scale and secure thousands of endpoints. With Tempered Networks M2M cellular connectivity security, you can securely connect any number of serial or IP-enabled endpoints, even those without native security capabilities, while minimizing the cost and complexity of your network.

Secure Connectivity for Business Critical Infrastructure and Information

The Tempered Networks solution is a network segmentation product based on the International Society of Automation (ISA) TR100.15.01 architecture. The solution is used to create private overlay networks on top of shared network infrastructure. In the parlance of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Requests for Comments (RFCs), each private overlay network is a Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS). The environment is composed of a scalable orchestration engine, industrial and data-center grade security appliances, and a management console and simple user interface.