ServiceNow's DCOS Resources

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ServiceNow’s IT Asset Management

Unauthorized software … painful compliance audits … long fulfillment times … limited visibility … unaccountability ... if these issues sound familiar, you are not alone. These are real challenges faced by many organizations - with serious consequences if not properly addressed. ServiceNow helps by providing greater control and visibility of your environment.

ServiceNow’s Service Automation Platform

IT is responsible for enabling the enterprise with technology to make it agile and innovative. Yet IT’s time is often consumed with maintaining legacy applications and technologies no longer suited to the requirements of executive management or end users. Executive management wants to consolidate the technology infrastructure, drive enterprise efficiency, and find ways to innovate for competitive advantage. End users expect a modern, consumerized IT experience that includes self-service, social collaboration, and mobility. To meet these needs, IT has legacy applications, both custom-built and packaged, which are now outdated, inadequate, and expensive to maintain. So instead of driving enterprise agility and innovation, IT finds itself expending its valuable resources and efforts just to maintain this unsatisfactory, challenging infrastructure.

ServiceNow’s Service Catalog & Request

Offer all your defined business and technical services and harness the power of employee self-service and automation through a flexible storefront of service offerings with the ServiceNow Service Catalog & Request Management Application. Using configurable ServiceNow workflow, you can provide a friendly, personalized user experience to capture data, collect approvals, automate requests, and leverage the benefits of operating in one platform to deliver value to the business.

ServiceNow’s Project Management

The ServiceNow Project Managemetn Application delivers a versatile, scalable approach to managing projects and resources across the enterprise. By tracking and managing all projects and ITIL processes (including incident, problem, and change) from a unified ServiceNow platform, you to eliminate unnecessary project overhead of reentering information from disparate systems and allows employees to manage tasks all in one place.