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Threat & Risk Monitoring of Key Enterprise Applications

Application Risk Intelligence plays a key role in any organizations overall security and risk posture. Enterprise applications are the primary source of an organization’s critical assets and processes – as such, they’re the primary targets for external threats and attacks. The solution? Application threat and risk monitoring.

Stopping Data Exfiltration with Context-Aware DLP

Today’s targeted attacks, whether launched by insiders or by external hackers, are primarily focused on stealing an organizations most sensitive data. The primary defense for organizations is application access controls and in some cases DLP (Data Loss Prevention) monitoring tools. But to combat complex threats effectively, organizations need better context of a user’s identity, behavior, and their associated peers in order to pinpoint the real attacks and to focus monitoring efforts on what is high risk before it’s too late.

Identity Access and Intelligence: Bringing Focus and Effectiveness to IAM

Increasingly, access control is the last line of defense against internal and external attacks. With millions of access privileges to manage across thousands of users and hundreds of applications, organizations are struggling to keep their access related risk in check. The solutions? Data driven risk-based access management.

Insider Threat Detection: Bringing Clarity to the Insider Threat

Employees and contractors have significant advantage over the organization’s primary security mechanisms that are built for the untrusted external attacker and not for the trusted insider. People working for or within the organization are aware of the mechanisms in place and can use this knowledge to circumvent defenses. In order to counter this advantage and address insider threats, organizations need better capabilities in areas like context-based monitoring, advanced behavior anomaly detection, and link-analysis driven investigation.

Privileged Account Security Intelligence: Monitoring the Keys to the Kingdom

High privileged users, service, and shared accounts are the primary targets and tools for insider and external attackers. Their elevated permissions allow them access to the most sensitive transactions, data, and the ability to create new privileged accounts or elevate privileges for misuse. Organizations face enormous challenges in monitoring due to the sheer numbers, volume of activity generated, and the inability to distinguish misuse from legitimate use. Effectively monitoring privileged accounts is not just an important compliance requirement but also a critical threat management capability.

Security Intelligence Platform Product Brief

Securonix is the industry-leading platform for security analytics and intelligence. Security analytics is one of the fastest growing, and most important areas of information security today, and is a must have in the fight against insider and external cyber security threats.

SIEM Intelligence: From Monitoring to Preventative Real Time Detection

Organizations have made significant investments in SIEM solutions for large-scale event collection, correlation, and monitoring. These investments have helped to address key compliance requirements, identify known threats, and provide a rich repository of data for investigations, reporting, and complex analysis. Unfortunately, the same collection, correlation, and signature-based capabilities that make SIEM technologies effective for large scale information and event management make it ineffective at detecting unknown insider and external cyber threats that are the real source of risk to the enterprise.