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How was Rebuilt to Deliver a Powerful User Experience

Understanding the importance of delivering a powerful, reliable digital experience for users, FEMA began developing a new and improved site with a clear set of goals in mind. It had to be user friendly and highly resilient, with the ability to provide better, more meaningful communication. It also had to stand up to traffic surges and be extremely scalable at a moment’s notice. In short, it needed to follow the U.S. Digital Services Playbook’s mantra of building better digital services that meet the needs of the people. Read on to learn how FEMA found success with Acquia.

A Smart CMS with Acquia

From adopting an entirely open-source platform, to allowing collaboration between agencies through a universal technology system and using agile development processes to support rapid deployment, along with partnering with a respected and robust enterprise group, govCMS has enabled the Australian government to explore and adopt fundamental tenants of a digital, innovative economy.