Bayshore Networks offers a set of real-time protection solutions for IT, OT, and IoT networks and industrial control systems. Its technology augments both small local networks and very large highly-scaled environments, and provides automated learning and protection via content and packet inspection technologies. Bayshore's product portfolio focuses on different deployment scenarios, including endpoint protection; network edge control; and secure remote access solutions, all of which include continuous inspection and enforcement of policy based on network access control, anomaly detection, and behavior-based profiling.


  • OTfuse

    OTfuse sits in front (inline) of critical endpoints, protecting PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices from unauthorized use, dangerous instructions and activities, and remote takeover from hostile sources.

  • OTfuse iFIX

    OTfuse iFIX provides network-level additive protection for GE Digital’s iFIX SCADA application control system.

  • OTfuse Cimplicity

    OTfuse Cimplicity provides network-level additive protection for GE Digital’s Cimplicity SCADA application control system.

  • OTaccess

    OTaccess delivers industrial secure remote access for authorized users to reach plant assets from outside. unlike typical IT solutions as VPNs, access is controlled per protocol, per activity and per seat, by OT.

  • NetWall Unidirectional

    NetWall Unidirectional provides one-way data replication in the manner of a data diode, but using off the shelf hardware for reduced cost and improved deployment flexibility. NetWall Unidirectional supports tcp and udp sockets, file transfers, Modbus/TCP, OPC DA, OPC A&E, and OPC UA replication, all with a complete protocol break and total separation between source and destination networks.

  • NetWall Bilateral

    NetWall Bilateral provides the same transport support as NetWall Unidirectional, but adds a specialized ability to trigger selective return-path networking rules in response to authorized replications initiated from the trusted domain. Unlike competing solutions, NetWall Bilateral does not require double the hardware units, nor does it introduce any kind of conventional networking to enable return path signaling.


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Case Study

Bayshore Networks Case Study
“Southern State, USA’s” capital city is the largest in the state. Its water utility serves nearly 500,000 households and businesses. It also uses two separate water treatment facilities to provide a combined capacity of nearly 160 million gallons processed per day. Primary water sources are drawn fr...


Bayshore Networks Datasheet
OTfuse Lite is an automatically configured industrial security appliance and intelligent Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) designed for easy deployment and use by automation engineers.

Provides protection for secure network segmentation, endpoints, remote access users, and sensitive gateways throughout your control systems network. Plus a freely licensed asset and flow diagnostic tool.

Bayshore Networks Datasheet
Support for OPC DA, A&E, and UA, plus Modbus/TCP, file transfers, and tcp/udp sockets.

Bayshore Networks Datasheet
OTaccess™ is the only real-time secure remote access solution designed specifically for OT networks and assets. It offers granular access control, with far more precision than conventional VPNs, enabling customized control per protocol, per user activity, and per seat, with continuous monitoring a...

Bayshore Networks Datasheet
OTfuse is an automatically configured industrial security appliance and intelligent Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) designed for easy deployment and use by automation engineers.

Bayshore Networks Datasheet
OTfuse Cimplicity is an industrial network security appliance specifically engineered to protect your Cimplicity network from unauthorized communications and intrusions. It controls who, how and when updates can be implemented and augments the existing application level security of Cimplicity with...

Solutions Brief

Bayshore Networks Solutions Brief
Protection for your iFIX investment by reducing network cyber risk from unauthorized and dangerous activities.


For over 20 years now, the enterprise IT security industry has built solutions around three simple concepts: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Entire product categories and methodologies have consumed hundreds of billions of dollars of R&D investment, and the industry’s best practices ...

Bayshore Networks Whitepaper
It seems like we’ve been hearing about the virtues of network segmentation for a very very long time. Every month, however, we find ourselves at customer sites where their implementation of the technique is no better than ‘partial’. It’s not a question of failing to understand the goal, or not ap...