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Cloud Storage That Fits Your Agency’s Budget

Backblaze is the leading independent storage cloud that makes it astonishingly easy for businesses to store, use, and protect their data. The Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage platform offers always-hot, S3-compatible object storage that’s readily available through APIs, ISVs, CLI, and web UI. With a tech stack agnostic approach that integrates with companies' existing workflows and preferred compute and CDN tools, the platform fits multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and other IaaS strategies. Enterprises in more than 175 countries use Backblaze to host content, build and run applications, manage media, back up and archive data, and protect and recover from ransomware.

As government agencies, healthcare providers, and higher education organizations explore the move to the cloud, Backblaze provides a simple, scalable cloud storage solution that fits within fixed budgets.

Backblaze partners with Carahsoft to provide easy, trusted, and affordable cloud storage and computer backup to public sector clients and to expand the Backblaze channel ecosystem with partners committed to helping agencies move to the cloud.




Carahsoft Reception at EDUCAUSE 2022
October 26, 2022 | 5:30pm - 7:30pm (MST)