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Cloud Data Integration and API Management

In a climate that is both politically and economically turbulent, the United States government must become more nimble and capable than ever. Shrinking budgets and smaller teams mean agencies across the board have to find ways to get things done with fewer resources. At the same time, they face more infrastructure modernization and integration requirements, new mandates to move applications to the cloud, and an increase in regulations that bolster cyber security.

Key objectives include:

  • Complying with stringent IT-centric regulations including FISMA, HSPD-12, HIPAA and FIPS 201.
  • Preventing accidental and malicious security breaches and data spillage.
  • Improving user-authentication practices and defending against cyber attacks.
  • Quickly and securely moving large volumes of data and large files, even to disconnected or low-bandwidth environments.
  • Going paperless to reduce costs.
  • Improving communication and service levels within the government and for citizens. To meet these complex objectives, all areas of the federal government, including defense, intelligence, healthcare, and civilian agencies, will need to leverage IT to work smarter — not harder. Axway solutions enable U.S. government agencies to improve data exchange, consolidate and update systems, secure information and reduce costs — all critical to effectively protecting and serving the American public.

Axway strives to create accessible products and documentation for users. Check out our Section 508 Compliance and VPAT Information here!

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