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Repeatable, Secure Cloud Network Platform for Public Sector

Aviatrix, the pioneer of secure cloud networking, delivers advanced cloud networking, network security, and operational visibility required by enterprises and public sector agencies with cloud-native simplicity and automation. More than 600 customers worldwide leverage Aviatrix and its proven multicloud network reference architecture to design, deploy, and operate a repeatable network and security architecture that is consistent across any public cloud. Combined with Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE), the industry’s first and only multicloud networking certification program, Aviatrix is empowering IT to lead and accelerate the transformation to the cloud.

Aviatrix provides enterprise-class functionality, operational visibility, and security for any government organization using one or more public clouds. The platform is available in the commercial regions of AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI as well as in AWS GovCloud, Azure Government, and AWS Top Secret.

Aviatrix helps solve agency-wide cloud networking challenges while reducing time to mission.

The benefits of Aviatrix for federal and government agencies include:

  • Optimal and secure internet access without backhauling traffic to on‐prem data centers
  • Highly scalable architecture supporting large number of departments
  • Centralized control over internet-bound traffic from VPCs or VNets using Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) filtering
  • Distributed IPSec encryption process across multiple cores resulting in up to 60 times more IPSec throughput than standard cloud encryption
  • Granular network segmentation across the Aviatrix platform and edge using network domains
  • Third-party firewall insertion and orchestration
  • Embedded threat intelligence, alerting, and remediation using ThreatIQ with Threat Guard
  • Embedded stateful security stack and end-to-end encryption
  • Traffic baselining and anomaly detection with Network Behavior Analytics
  • Distributed control and visibility using topology map and topology replay in CoPilot
  • Support for private versus public inter‐region or multi‐cloud connectivity
  • Repeatable cloud network architecture that provides agility, compliance, and an increased security posture

For more information go to aviatrix.com/federal.

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