Big Data Management and Analytics

Aster Data is a proven leader in big data management and big data analysis for data-driven applications. Whether it's a Fortune 500 company dealing with the avalanche of data traditional systems are unable to handle, or a government agency struggling to address new data intensive mission requirements, Aster Data's vision is to provide everyone with rich data processing at ultra-fast speeds, massive but cost-effective scaling, and the ability to seamlessly manage diverse workloads for big data applications.

  • Aster Data Products

    Aster Data's nCluster is the first massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse architecture that allows applications to be fully embedded within the database engine to enable ultra-fast, deep analysis of massive data sets. Aster Data's unique "applications-withinTM" approach allows application logic to exist and execute with the data itself. Termed a "Massively Parallel Data-Application Server," Aster Data's solution effectively uses Aster Data's patent-pending SQL-MapReduce with parallelized data processing and applications to address the big data challenge.

  • Aster Data Customers

    Aster Data customers have been deploying MPP data warehouses with embedded applications using Aster Data in a diverse arena of key industries, all of which require a reduction of time to process analytics or a need to integrate big data with their existing data warehousing system. Aster Data customers have production systems ranging from 150+ servers managing 150+TB of data to as few as 3+ servers managing 300+ GB of data.

    Companies using Aster Data include:

    • Akamai - Reduced analysis turn-around time by 70%
    • Coremetrics - Improved Web analytics SLA's
    • Full Tilt Poker - Reduced end-to-end fraud analysis cycle from seven days to 15 minutes and queries from 90 minutes to 90 seconds
    • MySpace - Scaled data warehouse from 40 to 90 servers in hours
    • ShareThis - Deployed >3TB system in the cloud in days
    • Specific Media - Deeper insights with Aster Data's patent-pending SQL-MapReduce

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